A Model with a Keen Business Sense; Meet Aussie influencer Georgia Carter, a model who cares what you think

The world of social media is a highly profitable tool for aspiring young entrepreneurs, despite being a crowded space. The sky is the limit for the select few influencers who possess the right combination of determination, talent, and marketing skills. Georgia Carter is an excellent example of how someone with a savvy business mind can master their online presence in a short time. Georgia has found the perfect platform for her love of music, modeling, and mental health awareness. She has experienced massive growth in a short time across all of her social media platforms, particularly Tik Tok, where she recently reached over 1 million followers. There is no stopping this 22-year-old Aussie from reaching all of her modeling and career goals.

Hard work and dedication have been ingrained in Georgia since childhood. Beginning vocal lessons at the age of eight, Georgia is classically trained in opera. She even gained acceptance to the renowned Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, Australia. In addition to music, Georgia works hard at her modeling career, which includes rigorous daily workouts, and uses her platform to break down beauty standards by promoting body positivity. With a podcast that will focus on issues such as mental health, sex, personal development, and fitness in the works, Georgia’s vocabulary does not contain the word “complacent.”

It goes without saying that to maintain a model figure, Georgia needs to work hard on physical training and diet. However, one of the things that set her apart from other successful models and influencers is that she places an equal value on mental fitness. Georgia carves out time each day, even adhering to a written schedule, workouts, mindful eating, and nourishing hermental and emotional sides with personal development such as Tony Robbins’ programs, audiobooks, podcasts, and her passion: music. Georgia believes the modeling profession’s most significant challenges are a judgment from preexisting societal expectations and sexism regarding women who are comfortable sharing their bodies, beliefs, and worldviews with the public. That said, social media is of critical importance for an influencer, something Georgia takes very seriously.

While fans of Georgia’s work may not realize it, the demands of maintaining a rapidly growing brand are grueling. She posts a large volume of content to her platforms daily. “I post on each social media network every day, up to five times daily on Instagram and ten times a day on Tik Tok,” she says. When asked what advice she would give to aspiring influencers, she emphasizes the importance of posting consistently and often. With voluminous content, Georgia’s followers have plenty to keep them interested. This practice has increased her following tenfold in record time.

Every serious young entrepreneur, regardless of their chosen industry, needs to understand their “why.” Why did Georgia decide to make a career as a social media influencer? Her core goal is to help other women realize their potential by boldly exercising their freedoms in the areas of body acceptance, entrepreneurship, and mental wellness. As a result, Georgia has amassed an impressive and loyal following from sharing authentic, passionate content about her personal life, hobbies, business, and fashion. “My followers are very interactive. They ask a lot of questions, give me opinions and feedback, and appreciate that I respond to most questions.”

While modeling alone could easily pay the bills, Georgia has learned enough about business to understand the importance of diversifying her income streams. Rather than rely solely on modeling, she manages multiple facets of her brand with ease. Her YouTube channel is new but quickly gaining traction. She uses the space to build women up mentally, teach them how she achieves her look, and shows day-in-the-life vlogs. Between the upcoming podcast, the challenging voice lessons, managing her ever-growing social media presence, Georgia understands that one medium is not enough if you want to rise to the top of your game.

In her free time, Georgia enjoys time with her partner, family, and friends. She is continuing her voice training, personal development, and other hobbies, all of which help her stay grounded as her career takes off. We look forward to seeing more from Georgia in the upcoming months.

To learn more about Georgia Carter, check out her YouTube channel and Instagram.

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