Eliza Rose Watson – A Fitness Model with a Beautiful Heart

Discovering success on social media is harder than ever, especially with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic keeping everyone locked down. Many budding entrepreneurs have taken to Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube to create new careers for themselves. Eliza Rose Watson is doing just that; however, becoming a social media star was not her original intention. Holding a degree in Psychology, years of fitness modeling under her belt, and possessing an array of healthy and profitable interests, Eliza is zeroing in on the recipe for influencer success. When Eliza decided to create an online portfolio of her modeling work on Instagram, the account’s breakneck growth provided a lucrative opportunity to consider become a hard-hitting social media influencer. Between Instagram and a budding OnlyFans account, this English Model is experiencing success beyond her wildest dreams.

Eliza Rose Watson combined her enviable physique with her keen knowledge in the areas of nutrition, psychology, and business, to create a fast-growing brand on Instagram with more than 500,000 followers in just over a year. Eliza’s experience includes ten years of paid fitness modeling, mental health training, physical therapy, and other knowledge that has given her unique insight into how the human most effectively operates. Eliza says that she stands out from the sea of other online models by, “never comparing myself to others. I believe there is plenty to go around. If women would all support each other’s journeys, social media would be a much happier and healthier space.”

Integrity is at the centre of Eliza Rose Watson’s brand, meaning sometimes she has to say no. Always a proponent of fitness and modeling, opening a subscription service (OnlyFans) allowed her an opportunity to upscale her business beyond the limited earning potential of mere professional photoshoots. Through social media, Eliza Rose has gained freedom, increased revenue, and better control over her time. She often says no to enticing offers of money, even in cases where other influencers would jump at the chance. For example, Eliza says, “I will not promote a brand I have never tried or do not condone, especially in the fitness arena.” She says that being qualified in nutrition and being a qualified fitness professional are two different things; and she will not claim to be an expert on something she is not. 

The past year has been challenging on unprecedented levels for Eliza’s career. The COVID-19 outbreak saw a lot of people lose employment, be shut in at home, and forced to venture into new spaces in hopes of revenue. This meant that social media became particularly crowded. That has made it of the utmost importance to bring fresh content to the table every time Eliza posts to her accounts. “I have to keep followers’ interest by constantly looking for new ways to make my content fresh, exciting, and shareable,” she says. Eliza Rose also emphasizes the importance of developing human relationships with her followers to keep them engaged. Whether through answering questions on Instagram or prompting followers to engage in her own questions, Eliza has gotten to know people much more personally throughout all of her social media platforms. Despite being a challenging year, Eliza has turned her business into a highly profitable venture, resulting in something that brings the model a great deal of pride—giving back to others.

Eliza Rose has a supportive family who has always cheered her on whatever the endeavors have been throughout the years. When some of her relatives experienced hardships due to job loss from the COVID-19 shutdowns, Eliza has proudly assisted them with financial support. Being successful enough to lend a hand to those she loves has been one of the most gratifying things Eliza Rose has ever done. Despite being featured in fitness magazines throughout the UK, competing in the grueling Tough Mudder competition twice, getting her Psychology degree, and so many other outstanding achievements, it is helping her family that has brought the most pride.

With new content daily, plans to further her brand by offering coaching and support to others, and educating herself on the link between healing and nutrition, Eliza has a lot in store for her followers in the months to come. “My goal is to be a valuable source of information to people just starting out in modeling on social media.”

To learn more about Eliza Rose Watson, follow her on Instagram.

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