2M Holdings Becomes a Major Market Player

As cities and business hubs around the world grow vertically, constructors are increasingly looking to make the process of taking individuals up and down skyscrapers quick, easy and comfortable. This makes elevators and escalators one of the most crucial aspects of the process but also presents a challenge in terms of proper maintenance.

One company that has been a heaven-send to address this is 2M Holdings India Private Limited. Based in India, it exports much-needed elevator and escalator units and components particularly to China, the Middle-East and the EU nations.

Legally registered in 2015, 2M Holdings comprises of 7 companies and expands into areas such as lift technician training, app development and cloud computing along with the manufacture, maintenance, installation and export of lift and escalator components around the world.

2M has quickly made a name for itself and is gaining industry recognition each day because of its expert design of elevator components and logistical solutions that enable it to ship components worldwide.

In the city of Palakkad in Kerala, the 2M Factory churns out elevator and escalator components, as well as complete units. Featuring a wide variety of vertical transport units, they are set to live up to their mission of becoming a one-stop-shop for all kinds of elevator needs.

On top of making elevators and elevator components, they also specialise in creating customised solutions for their customers depending on the size and type of the building as well as the individual needs of the customers’ project. This sets them apart from their competitors and shows the extent to which 2M is willing to go to ensure customer satisfaction.

Industrial development is never stagnant and one has to match the pace of technological advancement in this day and age. Heeding the need for quality labour, 2M recently began its very own training institute, creating a course that accumulates the knowledge they have gained through their research and experience in the vertical transport industry.

With global outreach, 2M Holdings has become a company to rely on for constructors around the world. The company has grown steadily since its inception due to its top-notch products and willingness to go the extra mile to cater to their clients’ needs, helping them increase their portfolio of clients consistently.

As a result, they have become one of the best producers and suppliers of elevators and elevator components, constantly winning their clients’ repeat business, which is a testament to the success of their business.

– Shivani B

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