12 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets: Best and Most Essential

When out shopping for kitchen gadgets, instead of futuristic gadgets that you can’t figure out how to operate, you need classic kitchen gadgets that are functional and complement your style/decor. They are not mere showpieces but essential pieces. Below are our top 12 picks for the most essential kitchen gadgets that everyone needs.

Say good-bye to a messy pile of bruised herbs! Unlike regular scissors, The Herb scissors from Pearlory have several blades which makes cutting herbs super easy! These are especially convenient for snipping delicate herbs. The herb scissors have a lightweight, stainless steel blade and a comfortable handle that makes them easy to use. Absolutely brilliant kitchen gadget, and a must-have.

  • Epicurean Slate Cutting boards, $41.99

A sturdy non-slip cutting board like the Epicurean Nonslip Slate Cutting Boards from Crate & Barrel keeps your knife in excellent condition and sharp while keeping ingredients or whatever you’re chopping away from germs on surfaces. Their durable frame and easy handling make it easy to lift them while working

Most of the time, a pizza is a replacement for a full homecooked meal. Pizza cutters help you slice up and serve it without making a mess. The Pearlory Rose Gold Bicycle Pizza Cutter combines a stylish miniature bicycle design with an elegant rose gold finish that looks great on any table.

  • Food processor, $300

They make prepping a big batch of stuffing or five pie crusts a breeze. The Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection Food Processor works on any project you would do with a knife. It has a stainless-steel brushed chrome design, and the large 4-cup and 12-cup bowls also help pour spouts and measurement.

  • Chef’s knife, $74.75

Your setup is incomplete if you lack a chef knife block like the Cuisinart 15 Piece Knife Block Set from Wayfair. With over eight knives and six steak knives to use, each insanely sharp, lightweight, and the perfect design, you are sure to get experimental in the kitchen.

A colander is perfect for creating less mess and effortlessly draining veggies, fruits, pasta, or even canned foods. Pearlory takes it a step up and brings us the Pink Geometric Colander Bowl with a double layer which comes in a cute pink modern design. Whether you’re preparing a salad or making pasta, this strainer makes it easy to wash and drain with one simple lift.

Generally, you’re more comfortable following recipes than you are freestyling it in the kitchen. You will need a set of metal measuring cups like the Black Measuring Cup Set from Pearlory for precise measurements. Simple kitchen gadget with a simple and affordable price tag.

  • Non-stick Ceramic Frying Pan, $44.97

A non-stick pan makes breakfast duty easier. The GreenLife Healthy Ceramic Non-stick Frying Pan is perfect for frying meats, sauntering vegetables, or making sauces. The ceramic surface is easy to clean, and free of any harmful chemicals. The soft grip handle stays cool during the cooking process and makes it easy to work with.

  • Whisk, $9.95

Much better than your chopsticks and fork combo. The 12” Balloon Whisk from Crate & Barrel has a stainless-steel, balloon-shaped design that makes whisking a lot quicker and more efficient.

  • Glass Bowls, $15.25

They can be used in baking or cooking and come in different sizes that make your work a lot easier. The Wayfair Prepware 10 oz. Pyrex Dessert Bowl (Set of 4) is oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

A quality spatula like the Pearlory Double-Ended Silicone Spatula is the right tool for cooking on the stove, from flipping meats to serving vegetables. The sturdy silicone spatula is suitable for serving lasagna, scraping up all the crispy bits from the bottom of the pan, or even as a whisk. Comes in a variety of colours, to suit your unique style!

An apron keeps your clothes clean and safe from all the mess, and with cute prints like the Cat Print Apron from Pearlory, you get a functional and beautiful item that you can’t go to the kitchen without.

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