Urban Shelter: 30 Years Building More Than a Roof

30 years is a long time for any business in Nigeria, especially when you find yourself in one of the most highly competitive sectors like the real estate sector. 2021 marks the 30th year of Urban Shelter’s remarkable effort in building affordable top-notch quality homes for thousands of Nigerians. They have been focused on creating homes and living spaces that prioritize family comfort, allowing families to live in locations that maximize their comfort and suitability.
However, there is more to Urban Shelter than satisfied clients know. Urban Shelter Limited (USL) is a business located in Abuja Nigeria but has already served investors from all over the world. They have been the number one tested and trusted choice for Nigerians looking to build homes as part of their investment portfolio in Nigeria. With over 3 decades in housing construction, the company, even without exorbitance and loudness, has become a household name in Africa.

Over the last 30 years, Urban Shelter Limited has provided over 50,000 jobs, built more than 20,000 homes, and impacted more than 5 million people through their various CSR projects. These they have done to solve the housing deficit in Nigeria while also putting a smile on people’s faces.

Urban Shelter has a talent and resource pool in hand. As a result, it has been able to successfully complete projects and address a wide range of real estate housing needs. USL has projects across Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, and the broader West African sub-region. The organization has provided cutting-edge and cost-effective real estate solutions to its loyal customers.

USL has developed and managed properties for individuals, corporate organizations, state and federal government entities. Currently, USL is strategically expanding across Nigeria with a move already in motion to reach as many Nigerians in the diaspora as possible.

The strong values that Urban Shelter Limited have exhibited over the years are gotten from astute leadership figures that value professionalism and delivery. Head of which is the visionary leader – Mallam Ibrahim Aliyu, a man of impeccable values and of the highest professional ethic who effortlessly combines his strong family values with intuitive business acumen to lead a company that is renowned for its integrity and credibility.
Another such strong figure is Saadiya Aminu, the Managing Director/CEO who has led Urban shelter to continuous remarkable growth under her management. The company currently has more than 15 high yield projects worth billions of Naira across Lagos, Abuja and some select locations in Africa.

Over the last 30 years, the company has remained people-oriented, and every single project has continuously shown unwavering committed to delivering superior quality investment opportunities that clients can always enjoy and even pass on to their children and coming generations. Urban Shelter is relishing the opportunity to continue to expand its frontiers to cover the majority of Africa.

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