HungryPanda Focuses on Expansion by Attracting Investment to Ensure Top Notch Customer Service

The global food industry has undergone a big shift over time and the pandemic period has presented new growth opportunities for it. While all other businesses have witnessed a decline, the food industry has got new ways to flourish due to pandemic. Different groups requesting different cuisines are finding it difficult to eat their favorite food outside of their countries.

In comparison to other food companies, HungryPanda is a food delivery company that has taken advantage of the growing demand for Chinese food abroad. Founded by Eric Liu in 2017, HungryPanda is headquartered in London and it provides delicious Chinese food to Chinese people to end their homesickness.

During the lockdown period, the Chinese food delivery company made many changes in its operations. The sole aim of all the changes was to feed the Chinese people with the best quality food to satisfy their hunger. HungryPanda has always focused on growth since its inception in the food ordering/delivery market.

Growth and Investment Focused Approach

With its aim to feed the Chinese food community abroad, HungryPanda has always kept its focus on growth and investment. Due to this, it has witnessed a growth by 30 times in just 3 years from its initial size at the time of its establishment.

This has led to a boom in its popularity in many countries across the globe to serve Chinese people delicious and mouth-watering Chinese food. Recently, HungryPanda has infused funding of 70 mn from many investment firms to expand its operations worldwide during the pandemic period.

Funding From Different Firms

The total of 70 mn C round investment comes in various parts. Out of the total investment, Kinnevik has given 35mn to ensure the expansion of HungryPanda. 83North and Felix Capital have supported HungryPanda by offering a $20 million investment.

The other contribution in the C round funding has come from Piton Capital, VNV Global, and Burda Principal Investments. And it helped HungryPanda to expand itself on the parameters of products, regions, and audiences. The food delivery company has expanded its operations to Chinese restaurants and Asian grocery stores to target the Chinese community.

Rapid Expansion Across the World

HungryPanda has expanded its operations rapidly in different countries. It can be attributed to its ability to grab growth opportunities in the food market. In February 2020, the community-based food service had expanded its operations in 31 cities across countries namely, Australia, Canada, France, New  Zealand, and the UK.

But now, its reach has extended to 47 cities across the globe. In four years since its establishment, HungryPanda has attracted an investment of $90 million to date. With the speed at which it is growing, it is highly likely that more investment companies would offer funding to the food company in the coming years.

Launch of Improved App Version 

HungryPanda has made some changes to provide improved service to its customers. The food delivery company has upgraded its app by including new features into it. The new version has features namely user-friendly design, diverse page categories, personalized display of regions, less loading time, etc.

It gives merchants more opportunities to boost their exposure and it also allows customers to access discount information with ease. Moreover, it is loaded with more security features and optimized functionality.

Focus on Improved Customer Service & User Experience

HungryPanda has got a boost in its brand value from 1.0 to 3.0 due to its exceptional services. The company always lays its focus on satisfying the needs of its customers to give them a better user experience in every possible way.

Innovative Marketing in Post Lockdown Period

HungryPanda has utilized the lockdown period to benefit both its customers and merchants. It has laid its focus on sustainable business practices with the use of exceptional marketing strategies. The food delivery company is making efforts to bring food restaurants into a profit zone. In order to eliminate the safety risks tied to dine-in restaurants, HungryPanda has introduced offline meal pickup services in the post lockdown period.

This has given customers a chance to move outside their homes without affecting their safety and it has also increased the income of food restaurants. The self-pick service with amazing discounts is an excellent tactic used by HungryPanda to satisfy both customers and merchants.

Focus on Customer Safety

HungryPanda has launched a contactless delivery system to ensure the protection of its drivers, merchants, & customers. The company has provided medical supplies and instruction signals to help merchants implement social distancing measures effectively.

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