Background Music for Cafés & Coffee Shops: Tips to Stream the Best Playlists

Building a great playlist for streaming the best background music for coffee shops and cafés is essential for maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and providing customers with the best experience. Why? Because different types of music can encourage more customers to linger at your coffee shop, reduce the table turnaround time, and even take orders faster. Here’s what you need to know about music and coffee shops.

How To Get the Right Coffee Shop Ambiance to Attract Customers?

The Power of Good Coffee Shop Music

The music you play in the background of your coffee shop matters a great deal. The right song can make guests feel relaxed and comfortable, while the wrong song can irritate and annoy them. If you play the right music, you’ll have customers returning repeatedly, but if you don’t, they may never return. 

Incorporating background music into your coffee shop is an easy and effective way to increase sales. Customers will spend more time at your coffee shop, stay longer, and spend more money. Music can also help mask the sounds of a noisy environment, making it easier for customers to talk with one another. This can be especially helpful if your shop happens to be located near a busy street or highway.

Streaming the Best Background Music for Coffee Shops

The best background music for coffee shops should be entertaining and light enough not to interfere with conversation. Think about how you want your customers to feel when they walk into your shop and choose songs accordingly. If you want them to feel relaxed, choose mellow melodies with low beats per minute (BPM). If you want them to feel energized and ready for action, choose fast-paced tracks with high BPMs.

Who Is Your Audience?

Consider, when creating a café music playlist, who your audience is. Your playlist should be designed with them in mind, so you want to learn about their tastes and interests. Do they like country music or rap? Do they prefer classical or rock? What are their favorite artists? Are there any artists that they love that you can play on repeat?

Entertaining Enough While Also Being Light

Your playlist should be entertaining enough while also being light and easygoing. This is important because you want customers to feel comfortable staying at your café for as long as they like, whether for a quick cup of coffee, an entire afternoon of reading the newspaper, or working on schoolwork. A great way to achieve this is by using upbeat songs that have a positive vibe without being too loud or distracting. A good example would be playing songs by The Lumineers, Vance Joy, and Ed Sheeran. Their songs are extremely popular among young adults but also contain subtle themes about love and life that make them perfect for background music at a café or coffee shop!

Your Playlist Should Match Your Brand

Your playlists should reflect your brand. If you’re a hipster coffee shop, then the playlist should reflect that. The playlist should reflect that if you’re a corporate coffee shop. You get the idea.

Long Playlists & Update Frequently

A long playlist is important because it gives you more opportunities to play different songs, giving customers more variety in their listening experience. It also allows you to update your playlist more frequently so that if one song doesn’t work, plenty of others will work just fine.

Keep Your Music Playlists Dynamic

It’s not enough to just have a long playlist with a lot of variety – you need to be sure that your music is dynamic and keeps changing based on what people are listening to at any given time. If people listen to jazz one day, it may make sense to add some more jazz to your rotation at the next update cycle. This way, if someone comes into your shop who doesn’t like jazz but does like rock music, they will still be able to find something they like on your playlist.

Adjust Music Based on the Time of Day

Coffee shops are open at different times each day and attract different types of customers. So, if you want to keep your customers happy and coming back, adjust your music based on the time of day.

Play Slow Tempo Music Encouraging Customers to Linger

If you want customers to linger longer at their tables, you must play slow-tempo music that encourages them to stay longer and enjoy themselves. If you want people to linger at their tables, avoid playing fast-tempo music, causing them to feel rushed and leave sooner than expected. Then, you might want to consider streaming some of the best background jazz music for coffee shops that is sure to set the tone. 

Play Faster Tempo Music Leads to Quicker Table Turnover

The music you play has a direct impact on your table turnover. If you want to increase the number of people who visit your coffee shop and spend money there, make sure that you play faster-tempo music that makes customers feel energetic and upbeat.

Get The Proper Streaming Licensing for Your Coffee Shop

The background music of a coffee shop or cafe plays a vital role in determining the quality of the experience and increasing the bottom line. A good playlist can motivate customers to linger and relax with their orders longer. The right playlist can enhance the mood and vibe of your cafe and create an inviting environment that customers want to return to again and again.

If you decide to stream music from Spotify or Apple Music, you must get the proper music licensing for your business. Otherwise, you might be sued by the artists whose songs have been played in your shop or even lose your license with these services altogether.

Soundtrack Your Brand can help with all your business music licensing and streaming needs. There are multiple affordable pricing plans to choose from. If interested in learning more about their music streaming services for cafes, coffee shops, and other businesses, then you should consider reaching out to them to learn more or just opt for their free trial.  

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