Why Omar Del Villar Is on A Mission to Change Influencer Marketing Forever!

There are very few people that have dived into influencer marketing as much as Omar Del Villar. From his humble beginnings, he’s proven time and time again with the success of his own companies that he has an in-depth and experienced understanding of digital marketing and online marketing. When it comes to influencer marketing, there’s one person that we should all be paying close attention to, and it’s Omar Del Villar.

Omar has successfully led his own companies for years, and he’s done it using his own proven influencer marketing techniques and methods. Influencer marketing may be an exciting new field in digital marketing and online marketing. Still, Omar is breaking down the barriers and showing regular businesses and brands how they can successfully leverage influencer marketing to grow their brands and businesses.

What is influencing marketing, you ask?

It’s a good question! For year celebrities have been advertising a variety of different products, brands, services, and businesses. This is probably the earliest form of influencer marketing. Celebrities use their influence to help people sell their product, brand, or business. Some celebrities are incredibly careful about the products which they choose to endorse, while others are happy to put their names on just about anything that comes their way for the right price.

That was the start or very beginning of influencing marketing. The evolution of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snap Chat, to name a few, have started the evolution of influencing the market. Smartphones and better internet access around the world have gone a long way to spread and change social media influencing.

People that created these ‘online personas’ needed an outlet to turn them into a revenue stream. Advertising on their channels was the traditional way to earn money online. Another form of this initial advertising that was extremely popular was affiliate marketing. This is where someone would sell a product or supply coupon code, and when the customer either used one of their codes or purchased the item by following their link, they would receive a small commission.

Social media influencing takes advertising, endorsement, and affiliate marketing to the next level, and Omar Del Villar and his team are damn good at it.

How does social media influencing work, and who can be a social media influencer?

Anyone with the time and commitment can set themselves up as a social media influencer. All you need is a field to specialize in and access to social media and the internet to get started. Don’t expect to be at Omar’s level straight away; it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication before you reach his level.

For many people, they see and equate working online to something that’s easy. For some people, once they reach the pinnacle of their online marketing careers, it may appear that it’s all sports cars and tropical island getaways, but the reality is a lot different.

Before anyone or any company is even going to consider giving you money to collaborate on their projects, you need to build up a dedicated following on social media. It may be that you need 10k, 50k, 100k, or even 1 million followers before you start to get any traction. A lot will depend on what type of following you have and how much competition there is in the field that you choose to specialize in.

The greatest thing about social media influencing is that with the right amount of hard work and time, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a well-known celebrity to start influencing online, but it helps!

Where is social media influencing headed now?

Like most things these days, social media is headed up and out in a variety of different directions. Now, we see a lot of social media influencers join with brands to co-create branded content. Before, they may have just advertised a company as part of their regular social media posts, but now that’s changed just a bit.

You’re going to see a lot of social media influencers working together with brands to create organic content that doesn’t necessarily promote a product or service, but the brand itself. For example, you may not see someone creating a post that advertises a Coco-Cola product, but Coco-Cola’s brand itself.

Social media isn’t for everyone!

Unlike Omar, the internet is littered with thousands of people that have attempted to become social media influencers and failed. For some people, they may have given up along the way, but for many others, they discovered that it just wasn’t as easy as they expected it to be.

If you’re planning on becoming a social media influencer, then be prepared to spend 20 hours a day building your social media up to a point where it can be profitable. Omar Del Villar didn’t just wake up with a substantial social media following, and several successful businesses under his belt. No, he put in the long hours, the missed time with family, the missed social events, and the hard work. That’s what being dedicated to your business really means. Hard work and sacrificing your personal and social events for the sake of your business.

If you would like to learn more about Omar Del Villar, or how he made it to the pinnacle of the social media world, then be sure to look him up on one of his social media profiles. If you have any interest in becoming a successful social media influencer or like to stay on top of trends, then he’s definitely someone that you need to be following and checking out on a regular basis.

I’ll say this about social media influencing, if you make it to the top like Omar has, then it can be extremely rewarding. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight and be prepared to do the long hours and hard work.

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