Who is Errol Chin?

Errol Chin is also known as “Iam.candid” by his global online following, because of his no nonsense straight to the point and straight talk persona.

By documenting his nontraditional career on Instagram in the Oil and Gas Construction Sector, coupled with great shots and his well-written captions, he quickly rose to virtual stardom, sharing his passion for the industry and encouraging young people to explore oil and gas careers.

His authenticity and openness about the struggles and challenges of working away from home struck a chord with viewers, and his audience skyrocketed into the thousands, in a short period of time.

In 2016, Errol lost his job after over a decade in the Oil and Gas Construction Sector and was left high and dry coupled with his own financial illiteracy in both the trading world and personal one, nearly bankrupted him. During this darkest moments of his life that he really find his true calling.

Left without a job, and down to his last $500, with his high commitments he is struggling to put food on the table and private education for his family, Errol packed his backs and left his hometown to learn from the ground up on how professional traders trade the financial markets.

He made his way in to a proprietary trading firm in Selangor, Malaysia where he trained from the ground up as an intern. It is there he learned the ropes of how professional trader trades. He was literally earning a negative income for the first 14 months, as professional traders get paid a cut of only 20% of their profit they make for the firm without any basic income. But with his strong belief that he will climb back up and his continued persistence, he drove for grab (uber equivalent), while he had a break between hours from trading.

He worked around the clock, studying at night for his trades the next day, while researching and studying online marketing, macroeconomics, and other ways to find an alternative income to support his family. Finally all that hard work paid off and his tide started to turn around.

He currently works offshore for an integrated oil and gas services company based in Seri Kembangan, Selangor where he gets his content and inspiration. He also currently trades full time aside from working offshore. (This is what we call leveraging it to the max).

Errol is also a multinational digital marketing expert who helps industry leaders grow their Instagram presence and scale their businesses on social media. Apart from this, he is also the brain behind his Instagram Leveraging Solution – a system he created that helps professionals and entrepreneurs scale their social presence on Instagram.

He can grow Instagram accounts by the 10-20 of thousands in just 15 days or less and is helping clients in generating 4-10 times their return on investments, by using his unconventional methods that are not available on the internet and YouTube.

He also started a company called The Premium Porter which showcases and curates unique products on the market. His passion is inspiring others to explore oil and gas careers, and inspire others to work hard and find alternative streams of income.

Errol is also on the works to launch a Podcast channel; a show dedicated to shining light on the oil and gas industry and inspiring others.

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