The Alex Tuchinsky Approach to Personalized Matchmaking

In this interview, we have the privilege of conversing with Alex Tuchinsky, an esteemed matchmaker and dating coach renowned for his years of experience and expertise in the field. Join us as we delve into the nuanced realm of personalized matchmaking versus dating apps, uncover Alex’s fascinating journey to becoming a highly successful matchmaker, explore the essential qualities essential for excelling in this profession, and glean invaluable advice for navigating the complexities of modern dating. Get ready to immerse yourself in Alex’s wealth of insights and wisdom.

How does personalized matchmaking offer advantages over dating apps? Could you provide insights into your journey towards becoming a successful matchmaker and what qualities are essential for someone to excel in this profession?

In contrast to applications and websites, the Matchmaking service offers several convenient options for clients: 1) psychological assistance in finding partners 2) providing detailed information about individuals 3) assistance in organizing the first call (important for business people), as well as providing feedback in the early stages of communication. I came to Matchmaking through event planning and a successful magazine. At my events, I introduced men and women, and I also started publishing a magazine, which also brought me clients. Qualities necessary for a matchmaker include communication skills, knowledge of psychology, and preferably a good understanding of people.

In the current dating landscape, what qualities or characteristics make women stand out as particularly desirable? Additionally, could you offer a few pieces of advice for both men and women regarding successful dating?

Currently, female beauty is important, but it doesn’t make a woman 100% desirable. It’s very important to understand successful men, value their time, and know how to enhance their significance. It’s also important to prepare for dates; it’s advisable to gather as much information as possible about the man beforehand. Then the date will definitely be effective.

When it comes to the initial stages of dating, do you recommend giving expensive gifts to a woman right away? What are your thoughts on the role of gifts in the early stages of a relationship, and how can one strike a balance between showing affection and maintaining a sense of genuine connection?

In my opinion, if a woman sees real value in a man for herself, it won’t be important for her to receive expensive gifts right away. She will value signs of attention, wanting the man to hear her desires. For example, if she loves Japanese cuisine, he should take her to a Japanese restaurant, or if she loves flowers, give her peonies! Regarding gifts in relationships in general, I recommend men understand their own “marketing minimum” (the amount they’re willing to spend on a woman), and if there’s an inner urge and the woman deserves it with her behavior, then give a gift, as long as it comes from the heart!

Could you elaborate on the concept of an individualized approach in matchmaking and how it contributes to its superiority over generic dating apps? What specific strategies do you employ to ensure that each matchmaking experience is tailored to the unique preferences and personalities of your clients?

The thing is, the men who come to me are very demanding! Typically, they have had more than one relationship experience, and not always positive. Therefore, my task is to listen to all their requirements and sometimes suggest slightly adjusting them. I also try to save their time and provide not a multitude of options, but only those that match their requests. Additionally, I advise on communicating with specific candidates for a match.


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