The Journey Of The Anonymous

Anonymous, A Group Of Developers Working Effectively To Create A Safe Space For Investors & Their Investments

What is Anonymous?

This is a group of Anonymous developers from across the world. It is created inorder to bring more efficiency, and effectively create a safe space for investors and their investments.

The transactions we make today in the modern world are often filled with scams and fraud systems that can be detrimental to our financial capacity and secure environment. The anonymous project started by the group is launched with full efficiency to reduce and then provide a safe and secure platform – by helping get rid of the fake and harmful passages in the internet.

Origin Of The Network

Originally, it started off from a telegram channel where developers from all over the world came together. They were slowly filtered to find the ones who are more reliable, trustworthy, and share a common goal as the Anonymous group! After bringing them together, and combining their skills and working towards a common goal, they launched this dynamic project on the BSC.

The Anon Coin

Anonymous BSC takes on the War On Scams with Anon coin, the first of its kind. This coin reinvents the binance smart chain where the incognito developers take up the fight against scammers, fraudsters, etc.

The project had a quick rising approach where they hit 2 Million market cap in a meager time of just 2 hours, and then subsequently hit 7 Million in two days. It became quite a revolution in the modern world just like the old independence struggle. Today, it has over 7000 holders and is still growing rapidly. This project is to deal thoroughly with scammers and blacklist them from the unregulated BSC space with the help of the spammer’s identity available in crypto transactions or fraud systems, and they make sure the investors have full-fledged protection to invest their money. It is followed by a fully functional social media platform and website where they engage with the community on a daily basis.

Vision For The Future

Anoncoin holds the vision to build a secure, reliable, and trustworthy global community, powered by Anoncoin. While they work to solve the dirty linen problems of the online crypto transactions, they will also have an educational database with materials to help new members onboard quickly on the crypto platform. This would also constitute a db containing the records of those scammers and fraudulent transactions to keep the public more aware.

“We wanted to help the people. We wanted to make this robust platform as well as offer educational opportunities because we saw a huge lack in this area. There are so many people looking for guidance and help otherwise. The scammers are quick to put these people on their radar and drain them through sneaky tricks!”, says the group. Due to Anonymous BSC renouncing their ownership, the launch of the coin can not be manipulated or cheated, resulting in the crash of the price intentionally or the lack of liquidity for future trading.

If you are someone interested in crypto trade and want to support their initiative, check out their website and donate if you can.

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