The E- commerce and its great growth

Have you bought more online in the last few months? Did you make orders for products or services that you did not know can be paid online? Do you have more close people creating e-commerce ventures?

It is the time of E-commerce, we have seen growth of 100% 200% up to 600% monthly growth in sales in various countries. This way of marketing opens a great door towards ease of purchase, but also an entrepreneurial opportunity for many who know how to take advantage of it.

Home business expert Christian Núñez assures that the pandemic will clearly boost internet sales and that this change will generate a point of tranquility for the economy from now on.

“Although the pandemic ends, the habits of buyers and companies have already enjoyed the ease that E-commerce represents, returning to past models will be unlikely,” says the expert. While many traditional jobs and businesses are affected by this situation, a new economic form emerges even more strongly in 2021.

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