The Art Teacher Is Pressing His Luck As An Artist

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Akron, Ohio, is LeBron James. However, this self-taught artist Reid Fitzroy, commonly known as The Art Teacher, aspires to enter the ranks of the city’s local hero and household name. He’s been honing his skills in preparation for a music career, and now it’s time to bring his dream into action.

Ironically enough, The Art Teacher was once known for his highly coveted basketball skills and turned to music not too long ago. He uses the same mindset he developed in basketball to take on the music industry, and thus far, it is working in his favor. The Art Teacher is always on his grind and is currently working tirelessly to finally put out his debut project. The creative doesn’t have any released songs on Spotify just yet but plans to change that come May.

Attracted to the Midwest vibe he brings to the music industry, The Art Teacher continues to grow fast in the early stages of his career. As time goes on and he continues to elevate in the world of music, he promises to “always stay true to himself and hold it down for the year ones.” Look for The Art Teacher to be one of the hottest artists in the next year; he has what it takes, now all he needs to do is execute.

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