Start Planning Your Spring Backyard Today

While the cold temperatures in some places may not make it seem like it, spring really is just a few months away. If you’re preparing for a backyard renovation or even just a basic makeover, now’s the time to really start planning. You need to draw up a budget and start thinking about what you need to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Here are a few DIY tips to keep in mind when planning out your ideal backyard.

Think About Using Pavers Instead of Concrete

When people think about putting in a patio or new sidewalks, they often think about using concrete. However, pavers are another great option that can actually same you some money. These stones are often very affordable, and you don’t need to mix any concrete or make certain it sits correctly. Instead, all you need to do is level out the area and lay the paver stones. You will need to use polymeric sand to fill in the spaces between the stones, but that’s not difficult to do at all. Paver patios and sidewalks can be very inexpensive and easy to install, plus you can mix and match different sizes and colors of pavers to make a creative and unique space.

Make a Fire Pit

You can also use pavers or bricks to create your own fire pit. There are a number of tutorials online you can follow. Again, these stones are much cheaper than buying a metal fire pit. You can even build your fire pit into your paver patio if you want it to be a permanent part of your outdoor space.

Upgrade Your Fence

If you plan on hanging out in your backyard a lot, you likely want some privacy. Installing a new privacy fence isn’t as much work as it may seem. You can find pre-built sections of fence that are easy to install. These pieces come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you have options to choose from. To illustrate how simple it can be, if you buy six-foot sections of fence, you only need five sections to go across thirty feet of yard.

Put Down Mulch or Rocks

Don’t like dealing with flowerbeds? You can transform that space by putting down mulch or filling the space with rocks or pavers. Then add a few pots with flowers in them to keep the color and aesthetics you love without as much work. Weeding flowerpots is much easier than controlling a whole flowerbed.

Add a Gazebo or Pergola

Gazebos and pergolas don’t have to cost a lot to build, nor are they incredibly complicated. In fact, you can purchase kits that include everything you need to put together these structures. These kits include step-by-step instructions and all of the materials necessary, plus they often reference online videos that provide further instruction. A gazebo can be the perfect centerpiece of your backyard and truly transform the space.

Add a Greenhouse

Another option is a greenhouse. Again, there are many kits available that make it possible to build your own greenhouse even if you have little or no experience with such projects. These greenhouses do more than add a new feature to your backyard—they let you grow your favorite flowers and vegetables year-round. They’re a practice and aesthetic addition to your space.

No matter what your budget or the size of your backyard, you can transform it into the space of your dreams as long as you’re willing to do a few DIY projects.

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