Self Care Techniques are Now Being Adopted by Working People to Cope with Stress: Survey

A global survey has highlighted that a lot of people have been adopting self-care techniques in order to effectively cope with daily-life stress. Due to the rising imbalance between work and life, a lot of people have been living stressful lives and experiencing many mental disorders. Hence, people of all age groups have been practicing self-care in one way or another.

The survey highlighted that a lot of people have been following a balanced work-life routine and investing their time in doing physical activity. The participation of people in yoga, meditation, swimming, and stretching, has been rising on a large scale. In addition to this, people are investing their time in practicing mindfulness and other spiritual activities to maintain their overall health.

A lot of people have been buying equipment to relax their bodies to feel good after a hectic work schedule. The use of a massage chair has become quite common these days as it allows every person to remove muscle soreness and other types of body fatigue with ease. And to choose a suitable type of massage chair, people have been visiting the online platform, to read reviews about different types of massage chairs.

In order to take the right balance between mind, body, and soul, people have also been focusing on following a balanced diet to live a healthy lifestyle. Other than this, working people have been focusing on spending time with their family members and taking the right amount of sleep at night.

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