Rapper Claudio Marques sells out his first come back show

Alike Claudio Marques, many music artists are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 restrictions as all concerts have been cancelled across the world. As if it weren’t bad enough, reports say concerts might only be allowed in 2021.

Claudio Marques shares his frustration as he had been away from music for 3 years, no releases or concerts, due to personal reasons, in 2019 he made a great come back releasing a 7 track EP called ‘The 95 Gemini’. Later In the year Claudio Marques announced on his Instagram that he was going to headline his first concert after a 3-year break alongside one of the most influential Cape Verdean artists Soraia Ramos. The concert which was held in Peterborough at The Radius Club, sold out in a matter of days, leaving no hopes for those who left it to last minute.

This could have been the start of something great, however, a pandemic would come to stop the world. Music artist are now being forced to be creative, finding ways to entertain their fans from home, therefore Claudio Marques held a mini show on his Instagram live where fans were able to interact with the rapper directly.

Claudio Marques also released a new single ‘Facetime’ which generated thousands of plays on its first week. Possibilities of a music video being released will depend on current restrictions due to the virus, stay tuned.

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