Opt Health is Spearheaded by a Team of Experts Committed to Men’s Health Optimization

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has been on an upward trend for the past decade as fitness and self-improvement have been steadily increasing in popularity in mainstream culture. Across geographic regions and age brackets, one thing is consistent: everyone wants to look and feel their best. Thanks to incredible scientific advancements in recent years, contemporary healthcare is helping us optimize every aspect of our lives, creating the best possible version of ourselves. 

Health is not only important for aesthetic appeal, but is a major building block for how we show up in every aspect of life. Despite the large influx of demand in the men’s health arena, there have been very few companies that have had a drastic impact on the market. However, there is one company on the horizon that is seeking that change all of that. Opt Health is an innovative telehealth platform that serves to benefit both patients and physicians. They want to give men back their power, and reignite a spark in men that will enhance their health, wellness, strength, and sexual vitality. They want to remove any existing stigmas men may have about the traditional approach to medicine, and emphasize preventative measures, performance, and longevity. The team at Opt Health believes men are not living up to their potential, and seek to be an integral asset for the optimization of men’s health, democratizing a space that was previously accessible only to the rich and famous. 

Opt Health is a gift provided for men, by men, as it is the newly launched venture of co-founders Dr. John Tidwell[1]  and Camilo Isaza. They have a team of expert physicians and engineers that are committed to helping men reach their health goals, guiding them every step of the way. They have created a robust app and interactive platform that gives men access to clinically proven treatment methods, top notch doctors and specialists, and a tangible way to focus on key metrics in self-improvement. The team at Opt Health encourages men to take charge of their health and wellness by seeking personalized medical care, treatments, and education. They are on a mission to help every man reach, and maintain the pinnacle of their health. 

Opt Health’s integrative platform lets men access some of the best physicians and specialists around the country, provides effective treatment plans backed by clinical trials, and lets them view their healthcare progress through vital metrics that are integral in achieving their health goals. The app and platform provide for analysis of lab results, and a secure way to message with providing physicians. They have also developed a proprietary Opt Health performance score that targets key elements in a man’s journey to self-optimization. 

Opt Health provides all of their services for a fixed monthly membership fee, giving men a large scope of services like physician and specialist consults, blood work, health coaching, and access to supplements and prescriptions. Men also save time by seeing their desired specialist via telehealth – a specialist that could be on the opposite side of the country. Opt Health is shattering the previous healthcare model with their revolutionary approach, and is a must-try for men everywhere. 

For more information, please visit www.getopt.com 


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