New Jersey’s TyLoTheGentleman Is Elevating Independently

Growing up in Atlantic City, New Jersey meant TyLoTheGentleman’s path to success hasn’t been easy. The artist is the oldest of 6 brothers who form a hip hop group called The Logan Bros. “Life wasn’t easy in Atlantic City but it did make me street smart,” recalled TyLo. “It also made me want to go harder for a better life because when you start from the bottom the only way left to go is up.” The artist got into writing poetry when he was 16, but has been singing in church for as long as he could remember.

TyLo’s interest for music peaked even further when we started attending a poetry workshop. After getting good enough at poetry to write lyrics, TyLo started writing his own rhymes and began flowing on beats.

The most challenging obstacle TyLoTheGentlemen has faced is focusing on himself. “The most challenging thing I’ve had to overcome in my whole life was realizing it is ok to live my life for me,” explained TyLoTheGentleman. “People always want to tell you how to live your life, but they don’t have to live your life, you do. I decided to do what I want. I want to entertain people and help artists make money off their craft, so I do.”

The artist made his debut to all major streaming platforms last year, releasing an 11-song album called ‘Bon Voyage.’ He followed it up with a single earlier this year called ‘Wano Piece Intro (One Piece).’ The artist stated that he plans on releasing more music this summer.

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