Making his name synonymous to the vast field of real estate is Miki Dutta from London, UK

Not many had imagined the state of the world that we see each passing day caused by the worst of the global health pandemics in the last 100 years, which claimed the lives for millions across the world. This pandemic has made many industries suffer, which once had the potential to only score higher success. The COVID-19 situation in the world has dipped the global property industry, so much that many leaders of the same are of the view that it has changed its dynamics drastically. One such leader of the real estate world, a real estate investor and director of a London, UK based real estate firm called Bracken Real Estate is Miki Dutta. Dutta says that since the industry has physical assets, the pandemic has made it completely non-operational.

Dutta is a British entrepreneur based in London, UK. He studied from the University of Hertfordshire and gained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and HRM. Later, he studied from London College of Fashion and learnt Foundation in Textile – fashion/apparel design. Initially, he worked in the fashion markets and developed companies through his finance and marketing solutions. This entrepreneur then jumped into the vast field of real estate and started work with Bracken Real Estate as the director.

Today, Dutta is a proud real estate investor, developer and serial entrepreneur, who through his knowledge, expertise and insights have changed the face of the real estate industry of the UK for the better.

Dutta has a few suggestions that he believes would help real estate leaders to revamp their businesses post COVID-19.

  • Know your reality: No matter the amount of rumours spread about the industry, one must focus on understanding the current situation and get a clear understanding of the same first, says Dutta.
  • Involve your team: Dutta explains that solely devising a disaster management plan for your real estate business can be tough; hence, it is important for people to involve their team, share ideas and get set going to overcome the struggles.
  • Centralized cash management: Maintaining proper cash flow is vital in such crucial times for your business, points out Dutta. Hence, provide customers with more digital finance solutions for proper cash management.
  • Fully leverage your website: Most of the real estate firms do have a website, but perhaps are slow to load and not made as per the guidelines of SEO. Hence, Dutta suggests that people must make a robust website and make the experiences of their customers easy and comfortable by completing optimizing it.

Dutta is also a venture capitalist who invests in distressed businesses and is an advocate of social entrepreneurship who is slowly gaining momentum across the globe as a business personality.

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