LiquorSplit Is Poised for a Massive Growth in Alcohol Delivery Segment Across Miami

LiquorSplit is taking a giant stride in the alcohol delivery e-commerce segment since its launch last year. The brand has already become quite popular among the wine lovers for its punctual service and high quality products. Be it wine, spirits, seltzers or beer—get your favourite drink straight at your doorstep just within 30 minutes.

The alcohol delivery service is available across the busiest zip codes of Miami. And the company promises to fulfil all booking orders within 30 minutes. LiquorSplit wants to expand its business across other American districts and cities too. It wants to take its business beyond Miami, FL.

“We are happy that we have been able to live up to our expectations. Last year, we not only delivered all products punctually, but we also delivered the same at an average of just 18 minutes—way ahead of the stipulated time frame. My team owes the entire credit for our success. As an ecommerce start-up, we did whatever possible to stay committed to our goal while prioritising the need of the customers,” LiquorSplit’s CEO, Matt Bruce, said.

LiquorSplit was launched last year with a highly advanced delivery system mechanism. It maintains a smooth logistical system with a core commitment to delivery time. It has booked over thousands of online orders by now, and successfully fulfilled its customers’ requests within the stipulated 30-minute time frame.

Owing to its quality products and excellent customer support services, the company has successfully recorded over 60% customer retention rate this year.

LiquorSplit believes that the alcohol delivery system is significant in the post pandemic times. As the economy is gradually returning to normalcy, and people are coming out of the trauma, they are now spending more time on refreshment while enjoying each moment with their loved ones.

The company is committed to offering the selected wine to its customers at an alluring wholesale price on time. Thus, it saves customer’s time, effort, and money towards commuting from the wine shop to their houses.

The online alcohol delivery industry in the US is generating over $980-millions as per IBIS World’s report published in 2017.

As the economy is recovering from the pandemic, the figure would likely touch over the 1200-million mark soon. LiquorSplit is fully poised to capture a greater market share in this segment.

Buying a bottle of wine or beer takes a lot of time anywhere in Miami. It’s a hot and happening city full of rush. It is always advisable to book your order online for your favourite drinks and pocket some compelling discount offers, too.

The start-up is hiring individuals who are committed to offering unrivalled customer support services. The company knows that customers are its true asset. If they are satisfied, the company will also grow more with enhanced ROIs and profits.

The journey of LiquorSplit from being a startup to one of Miami’s most popular ecommerce destinations wasn’t easy. The COVID-19-induced lockdowns created a lot of hardship for the company when it was launched last year.

Starting from maintaining a strict hygiene and following COVID-19 SOPs inside its premises and warehouses to taking care of its employees, the company has meticulously managed both while prioritising the safety of its employees and customers.

Then it had to also encounter logistical challenges, which led to the complete overhaul of the company’s delivery system and overall infrastructure. Despite all odds, the company soon became the most preferred choice for wine lovers in Miami, Fl.

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