Learn The Art Of Public Speaking From The Exceptional Alasdair Cunningham

Get To Know The Man Who Built A Six-figure Business With Public Speaking.

Alasdair Cunningham is an entrepreneur and public speaker based in London. He is the founder of “Six-figure Speaker”,  a workshop that helps people become better communicators and expert speakers. Alasdair is a proficient speaker and has even won the title of “Best New Speaker” for the year 2018.

From Entrepreneur To Public Speaker

Alasdair has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He started his first business at the age of twenty-two in the bus and coach industry. His business was a hit, and he went to do that for ten years. However, Alasdair realized that business was not massively scalable. At this point, he decided to switch to the property industry. The decision to pivot proved to be fruitful, and he was able to gain financial freedom. This financial freedom, in turn, brought him time to pursue his passion.

The man is massively successful today in a field that he never thought of even pursuing. Alasdair says, “I never thought I would be a speaker as I always lacked confidence and did not like the limelight at all. I became an accidental speaker as I had to step in to deliver a seminar to a group when my business partner met with an accident. I had to run that event, and I got the speaking bug.”

Alasdair’s stint as a speaker in a company presentation led to the discovery of public speaking as a career. He even tried speaking at a property event, sharing his learning and mistakes. These two incidents hooked him to public speaking, and he actively started putting himself out there.

Today, he teaches and mentors people to deliver their message impactfully. He teaches his students ways to prepare, present, and deliver a presentation that brings a change in the audience and helps make a sale. Alasdair has helped 100s of people realize their true potential through a training program called “Tell the World”. He has become a six-figure earning speaker and has spoken across the world. He has spoken in Uganda, Spain, India, Germany, and the USA, to name a few.

The skilled speaker wants to eradicate the fear of public speaking and show people that anyone can become an effective speaker and communicator by learning and implementing the skills needed to lead any presentation. These skills are crucial for everyone right from employees who want to learn to present better at work, to small business owners pitching for business, to entrepreneurs delivering presentations for sales, to marketing and branding.

Alasdair is currently providing his book called “Six-figure speaker, Turning passion into profit” for free. It is helpful for anyone who wants to pursue public speaking and generate income from it. The book is available for download on his official website here. Moreover, he is active on his Instagram where he shares snippets of his life and his learning. You can follow him on the social media platform here.

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