Learn How to Get That Perfect ‘Millennial Cut’ From a Rising Star Barber Vicblends

Many celebrities are always keen to get that perfect image that will sell off their brand. Not just through their actions but mostly around their physical appearances, dress codes and what they drive. With the expansion of social media platforms and critics playing a vital role, it is of paramount importance to ensure that all loose ends have been tied off concerning personal etiquette to sell off their brand image. 

Why Victor Fontanez?

Victor Fontanez, the twenty one-year-old philanthropist from Fayetteville, North Carolina, understands the concept quite vividly. He is a respected entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of VicBlends online barber Academy. The Academy attracts thousands of subscribers per month, whose main focus is to learn the technique on how best to cut hair and perfect the skills to become a professional barber. On his entrepreneurship glance, he owns his hair products and clothing merchandise. As a result, Victor has won the hearts of many as an influencer to receive an endorsement deal with hair and beauty conglomerate Conair.

He keenly ensures that every cut is perfectly done and rhymes well with specific clients’ facial appearance. What uniquely identifies Victor is the technical mode and well-crafted approach he takes when handling each customer. 

Victor explains that what drives him each day is an aspect of ensuring that all his customers are satisfied. He takes a completely different approach from other barbers by combining entrepreneurship skills to boost his image a notch higher that has now spearheaded him to become a global brand. 

 He draws his inspiration from his family, which have created a great impact and pillar for his career progress. The lesson he was taught as a child detailing that life isn’t so much oriented towards wealth generation but mostly being of service to fellow human beings. 

By finding and defining his purpose in life, Victor finds it easy to wake up each day and take head on his daily activities. He sees the opportunity not only as a pathway to earn a living but as a form to reach his goals and achievements. 

Climbing The Mountains

The journey towards his success has never been easy. He has, on several occasions, faced some obstacles. The major one being impostors who have stolen his image and duplicated most of his accounts intending to steal his brand. Over the past year, Vic Blends online followers have been targeted by scammers who have impersonated his likeness with the sole aim of gaining more site views and stealing his global brand image. Having a quick search across Instagram will lead you to discover at least ten accounts utilizing his likeness, including vicblends910, vic blendsss,vic.blendss, to mention a few.

Victor’s Portfolio

Victor Fontanez is the most sought after celebrity barber in hip hop. His cosmetology portfolio of clients includes basketball stars D’Angelo Russell, Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team and Dennis Smith Jr as well as hip hop stars Lil Baby, Nelly and NLE Choppa.

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