‘Kyle Covers’ Continues to Gain Steam in the Vegas Sports Betting World

The surge of people using ‘KyleCoversSpreads’ handicapping services in recent months is no surprise. When you hold a world-class win rate your members stay, and when you put big money in people’s pockets the industry takes notice. In Vegas and beyond going out and betting money was always considered more of an expensive pastime than a serious way to make money. Over the last two years Kyle’s clients have seen that winning and making money has become the new normal.

KyleCovers VIP and other package offerings allow you to bet with one of the most revered handicappers to breakout in recent history. After profiting nearly a million dollars in 5 months, Kyle decided to start his own handicapping service. The lucrative and consistent payouts have led to 15,000 VIP members using from his services in the last 2 years. Kyle’s clients are also loyal. KyleCoversSpreads has 5000 active VIP members. In the world of sports and sports betting when you arewinning people take notice.

KyleCoversSpreads also has the top customer service team in the industry. Any questions or concerns are promptly taken care of. Kyle understands that any premium betting service needs a high-quality customer service and guaranties that his customer service team will respond to you and that they are working everyday 24/7 to ensure that his members have an unrivaled experience.

KyleCoversSpreads packages cost between $129 to $1299. The price depends on how long you want to have access to the picks for, and which sports you want to bet on. If you are serious about sports and want to combine the rush of sports betting with the thrill of a big-time payout, checkout Kyle’s packages at kylecovers.com. Also be sure to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with content that you will not want to miss at @KyleCoversSpreads. If you cannot beat him, join him! Smart money goes with a proven winner!


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