Kelvin Wiedenhoff is helping young LGBTQ+ who are struggling with their sexuality

Kelvin Wiedenhoff is a well known name in the gay scene, if you are on Instagram you probably have seen his profile. He rose to fame in the gay scene with his statements about discrimination in the community. Having been in the closet for half of his life he knows how hard it is not being able to express yourself and be who you are. “Not being able to express your identity can feel quite lonely,” he added.

“As a gay men, I have experienced abuse and negative comments online. After my tv appearances on various tv shows I received a lot of online abuse, thankfully my skin is thick, but I can imagine that there would be people who could really feel depressed about it”.

This made him come up with an idea to use his social media platform to help others that are facing difficulties being gay, he offers them one to one life coaching for free. Being financially free it feels good to genuinely help people who are struggling without the need to receive payment for it. He offers Zoom and Skype calls and is really dedicated to change the lives of these young people who especially during the pandemic are feeling lonely and isolated. “I am getting hundreds of dm’s a week with people who are struggling to come out of the closet and asking me for advice on how they can open up about their sexulaity to their friends and family,” he says.

Being gay is very hard in your teenager years he said because you dont want to be different then the rest and are constanly trying to fit in. Some do this better than others, but he also soon had a lot of his friends during that time, abusing drugs because they didn’t have the support of their parents. He has been very fortunate to have a very supportive family who accepted him for who he is, but he knows that that is not the case for everyone.

Using your social media platforms to help other people struggling is something that we all should do especially when you have a large following. We can really admire this and are very proud of the way he is using it. Are you someone who is facing difficulties with your sexuality or do you know someone, send him a DM on Instagram or message through his website.

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