John Qreshi : 5 Signs You Have Fear Of Rejection & How To Overcome

John Qreshi Esotericist Clairaudient Psychic, Author of “Rewiring Your Success” & Founder of Quantum Master Coach™ describes that “When you are not taking actions you have fear of rejection”.

John Qreshi When you are not taking action is because you are afraid to get rejected or afraid of making mistakes and again that has to do with fear of rejection.

You can make things happen or you can make excuses for not make things happen but you can’t make both at the same time about the same thing.

Fear of rejection is the only & most important component that stops you from stretching your comfort zone & progressing in business/life.

John Qreshi explains Fear of rejection comes from the story you have been telling yourself and that creates a program in your unconscious mind, that allows you to keep finding excuses for not doing something and it blocks the progress in your life.

The fear of rejection often serves as the single greatest obstacle that stands between a capable individual and enormous success. Its powerful grip can prevent you from reaching your greatest potential. Here are five ways the fear of rejection can hold you back:

1-You Try to Please Everyone

Qreshi strongly believes people-pleasing can lead to a long list of problems, including burnout and exhaustion, and it can also cause you to lose sight of your values.

Being a people-pleaser is likely to backfire in the long-run. In reality, it’s impossible to make everyone happy and you’re certainly not responsible for other people’s emotions.

2-You Avoid New Opportunities

You’re hard wired to avoid things that cause you to feel afraid. Fear is meant to keep you safe from danger. So while running away from a hungry lion makes sense, refusing to ask for a raise because you fear rejection isn’t exactly logical.

Qreshi describes eliminating any possible risk of rejection from your life will prevent you from exploring new opportunities. After all, there’s no guarantee that the audience will appreciate your presentation or that your friends will support your ideas. But unless you’re willing to put yourself out there and risk a rejection or two, you’re not likely to receive many rewards.

3. You Feel You are Lacking Creativity

When you have fear of rejection you block in developing your potential creativity and hide your gifts which you are born with. IT also prevent you from not achieving your full potential and you feel not aligned you’re your purpose and passion as you are not fully functioning.

John Qreshi further explained vulnerability is key to living an authentic life. But of course, being vulnerable requires you to risk being hurt. If your fear of rejection prevents you from being genuine, you’ll struggle to form sincere relationships with people and business.

The fear of rejection can lead you to put on a public persona aimed at disguising ‘the real you.’

4. You Don’t Speak Up

Rather than close the deal, saying, “Call me if you decide it’s something you want,” can reduce your anxiety. This passive technique will preserve your self-worth – at least temporarily – because you won’t have to hear someone reject your offer.

Declining to express your opinion, refusing to stand up for yourself, and shying away from asking for what you want equals poor communication. Qreshi thinks It’s unlikely people are going to hand you what you want in life, unless you ask for it.

5. You Behave Passive-Aggressively

Rejection doesn’t sting so much when you aren’t faced with it head-on. Hinting, complaining, or giving back-handed compliments are just a few of the ways people with a fear of rejection avoid direct confrontation. But ultimately, this roundabout way of doing business only causes more friction.

Temporary Pleasure, Long-Term Problems

Understand that, Taking steps to avoid all types of rejection only leads to long-term problems.

John Qreshi has further said confidence comes from preparation, Getting Rejected isn’t the end of the world. Learning to tolerate the distress associated with rejection can actually build your confidence. Once you see that it isn’t as catastrophic as you predict, you’ll learn to take on the attitude of, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Download your guide to learn more about you and how you can empower your self and free yourself from fear of rejection.

Understand that the #1 problem in this pool of consciousness is “I am not good enough” and the 2nd most deepest problem I hear often is “fear of rejection”.

Understand you can’t make the progress if you don’t let go of this fear, the only way to let go of it is 1st by being aware and 2nd is by taking Action / Executing and letting go of fear by understanding what is there to learn from this, often it could tied with your past or the story in your unconscious mind. .

Qreshi thinks changing programs in your unconscious mind would allow you to take action congruently & confidently.

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