Jeremy Arthur Morris Is Connecting Dots For Musicians

With thousands of songs being released every day, the music market has become oversaturated so quickly. In a world where anyone can post their music to Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, among other platforms, the music industry’s business aspect is vital to any musician’s success. One entrepreneur helping musicians get the correct marketing they need to make a come up is Jeremy Arthur Morris.

 The 23-year-old New York based marketing guru established a large connection base through social media marketing. Now he’s using those connections to turn his attention on the music industry. 

Jeremy’s first experiences in the music industry came from helping his friend Maxx Paradox elevate from scratch. While Maxx’s talent was never in question, Jeremy knew it was marketing dollars that would help create separation for his artist. 

The two friends began working together and started making progress quickly. To this day, Maxx Paradox has almost 100K followers on Instagram and has had his music streamed hundreds of thousands of times. 

This early success gave the two entrepreneurs the confidence to dive deeper into the industry. Jeremy now helps other artists in the same way he helped Maxx Paradox. The best part is, it’s all legit business too. From social media marketing to promoting record releases, Jeremy Morris is on a mission to change the music game and do what he can to help upcoming artists. 

You can connect with Jeremy Arthur Morris here:

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