Inspirational Productions by Loulou Beatz

An American Haitian record producer  Ray Holly Baltazar, professionally known as Loulou Beatz from Florida. Loulou Beatz  has gained success in the R&B genre with his work with Grammy HMI winning artists . His production includes work on HaitianBird debut album, “Haitian Bird 2.0” which peaked at number one HMI Top hiphop Album.

Loulou Beatz is best known for producing MiG Arogan & Silow Capone  “Blazed Up ”, peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. His work includes songs for artists like Silow Capone , MiG Arogan , Almighty Jay , Teejay3k , Kgoon , 0T9 Beno , Fivio foreign , Almighty Gaud , HaitianBird, Atys Panch , BigFa , Dramafls , Steves J Bryan , Bruno Mali , Gazman Couleur .

Although Loulou Beatz immense success in the Hip Hop/Rap and R&B scene, his talents accommodate multiple genres. His ability to move across cultures has brought about records like Bigfa  “Men Patat La” ft. MiG Arogan. Growing up as a musician, he used his rhythmic style and melodic ear to weave between genres with a skillfully distinct creative process.

Loulou Beatz has worked with dancehall, pop, latin artists and more. Although early on in his career, Videography  played a part in his production, Loulou Beatz is heavily influenced by the work of producer group, Zaytoven . With limitless potential, an exciting sound, and unparalleled skills, Loulou Beatz  is creating the sounds of a generation.

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