“Influence is not just about Glamor” says Mehdi Mobarakeh

Mehdi Mobarakeh, an Iranian businessman, is a man of many talents and the latest among those is being a lifestyle influencer.

Born in Iran on September 9, 1988, Mehdi spent time in Iran till 2016 before migrating to Turkey. By then he had earned a degree in Civil Engineering and also learned cartography while in high school. After finishing his education, Mehdi started working with road and building construction projects. However, when he moved to Turkey, he saw great potential in real estate and import-export businesses as well. Once he had established himself in all these sectors, he began to be considered a successful name among businessmen in Turkey as well.

It was not long before Mehdi had set up offices in Turkey and the rest of Europe. Overall, the busy business magnate has to divide his time between Iran and Turkey mainly.

But if you think this would keep him too busy to do anything else, you are wrong! Mehdi was quick to notice the positive influence that social media causes on people’s lives. Therefore, when he began sharing his daily life glimpses on his Instagram account, his social media understanding took a definitive turn.

He started with posting images from his daily life, most of which is centred around his business. The common thread in all those images is his impeccable dressing sense. After receiving a great response to his posts, Mehdi decided to start sharing positive and motivational content as well. Gradually, doing so initiated in his mind a sense of responsibility towards the world and his followers. Today he wants to share his success story with people in general and motivate them to achieve their best.

Mehdi describes, “I would love to be a motivational speaker and inspire people on how to chase success. It is a wonderful feeling to share wisdom with the ones who want to get ahead in life.”

Such a noble thought can only be applauded and appreciated!

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