How Washinton DC’s Ayye Moe Has Developed Musically

The challenges of being a musician are well documented, and it is clear that those are accentuated for artists with young careers, such as singer and songwriter Ayye Moe. After leaving his pro basketball career to pursue music, he spent a great amount of time and effort learning to sing, write, and produce. After building his music career from the ground up, he has begun to build upon accomplishments such as hitting over a million streams online and playing shows with big-name artists such as Kota the Friend and Kodie Shane.

Ayye Moe now works with DJ Skooly at SoundKing Studios and Brad Alba, an engineer from NYC. He also works with vocal coaches and frequently asks for the input of his brothers. In an interview, Ayye Moe talked about his inspirations for creating music. He says, “My greatest inspiration is the challenge. I started making music in late 2017. I started singing in 2018, so I know I am pretty far behind the curve. But I do know that if anybody in the world can have a late start and then come out on top, it is me. I love the feeling of having to grind and work. I love when people doubt me. I use it as motivation. I am also the type of person that, if everything seems to be going great, I will find something to fuel me.” Music is personal for Ayye Moe, and he uses every edge he can to stay motivated, improve his sounds, and promote his personal brand.

Finally, Ayye Moe spoke about the content of his music and the difficult subjects he has written about. “Death is never an easy subject to touch upon,” he states and continues, “Love is a hard subject to touch upon also. Especially for somebody like me who does not really express my emotions often. But if I have to pick one song, I would go with “Until We Meet.” It is on my EP “Commercial Break.” It is dedicated to my cousin, Shatarah, and grandma, Dorthy, who both passed away around the same time last year. They were two people who I was close to.” This emotional aspect within his music has allowed Ayye Moe to connect with fans and create a form of art that means more than the number of streams it gains. He hopes the “experience” of his music will keep audiences coming back for more.

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