How Idahome Solar is Changing the Idaho Solar Panel Industry

When you think of Idaho, most think of sprawling mountainous landscapes and vast views of rivers and hills in the summer; and in the winter, the Gem State is known for its lush powdery slopes to skiers and snowboarders alike. But what makes all of these appealing factors of Idaho so great is its weather. With clear blue skies and sun for the majority of the year, Idaho weather makes a perfect environment for solar panels. Though they are usually more recognized for their contribution to improving the environment, whether you’re an environmentalist or not, home solar panels are a great way to save some money. One up-and-coming home solar panel company is changing the way solar is done in Idaho. Introducing Idahome Solar.

Though the science behind solar panels has been around for decades, it’s only been in the last 10 years or so that incorporating home solar panels has been more widely discussed. And while Idaho is seemingly the perfect candidate for the productivity and effectiveness of the use of solar panel energy, surprisingly, the state has collectively seen a stunt in development. Despite the fact that countless home solar panel companies have targeted specific areas of Idaho to sell and install their products, many solar consumers saw massive discrepancies in service and support after their systems had been installed in their homes. For owner and founder of Idahome Solar, Tyler Grange, the inception of the company came out of necessity. After witnessing how many Idaho residents were struggling with the upkeep of their solar panel systems both financially and physically, Grange set out to redefine the home solar panel buying experience.

Committed to protecting the industry of solar energy and invested in clients’ success, Grange created Idahome Solar, a solar panel company based in Idaho and tailored specifically to the needs of Idaho residents. After seeing solar panel customers taken advantage of time after time, Grange designed Idahome to function as a completely new and different experience for consumers. Right up front, the company’s biggest selling point is probably it’s financing program. Customers of Idahome Solar are not required to make any kind of down payment, making it not only affordable, but practical. With nothing out of pocket and exclusive financing for monthly payments, Idahome Solar makes the transition for its clientele from traditional power to solar energy a seamless no-brainer. And on the back end, the company is committed to servicing and supporting its clients for years to come.

“With a utility bill, the price goes up and down depending on usage,” Grange says. “But with solar, instead you’re not paying for consumption, you’re paying for your solar panel equipment. At Idahome Solar, we’re flipping someone’s liability into an asset.”

As a huge advocate for the solar industry, Grange looks forward to helping homeowners eliminate their utility bills and instead, gain the asset of home solar panels that will continue to benefit them for years to come. For more information on Idahome Solar, visit their website.



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