Gregory Allen Page: The Artist with a Palpable Sense of Impressionism

From the shores of Maui into the art world comes a breath of fresh air, with inspiration from the late 19th century—artist Gregory Allen Page. Despite the similarities between his art and historic works of French Impressionists, Page’s work elevates the definition of impressionism. While his art maintains the essence of realism as seen in the works of great artists like Monet, Manet, Renoir, Page’s art comes charged with a modern and exuberant sense of life.

As his work has even been regarded as “Van Goh-esque with a pulse,” in Page’s paintings, the energy between the brush strokes of his work is palpable. With vibrant colors and broad strokes, his style of painting not only illustrates life as it truly is, but further surpasses the essences of realism and brings the painting into a enhanced existence of vivacity. 

For instance, in his piece titled “San Juan Puerto Rico,” Page captures an idyllic scene of the city’s landscape— part of the town’s skyline overlooking the Caribbean Sea. In the details of the painting alone exists the soul of San Juan. Page manages to bring the scene to life with an injection of vibrancy and warmth, so much so that one can nearly sense the salt air off the ocean and mellow rays of the sun warming the town below it.

But his work is not just about feeling or energy. In fact, Page is well versed in the scientific understanding of light and color. Through this process, the artist is able to awaken a painting into an even fuller life of reality with genuine energy and tangibility. Page himself has even been adamant about the essence of oil painting and how it should not be compared to photography.

“The soul of the painter is in the freedom of his hand and the brush.”

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