Fans Believe that Love Island Couples are Fake

Couples from the Love Island Series have been dogged for being fake and cheaters in this year’s edition. The fans of the series and the couples too are unconvinced that these relationships showcased in the show are for real. Fans have been calling the show and the couples’ names on the social media platforms. They think this is all been done for publicity and there is nothing real about the show anymore. Several couples/ participants have been accused of being unfaithful with other cast.

Doubts about Tommy and Molly Mae’s relationship, for instance, began when they were still part of the show and in the villa. Tommy’s ex criticised him for being controlling and showing too much aggression. On the other hand 22 years old Millie Roberts (who was with Tommy for 2 years) said that he banned her from meeting her friends. She also accused him of aggressive behaviour in forms of messages.

Millie claimed that Tommy can never be loyal and his history says it all. She mentioned he would always lie about his whereabouts. Tommy would claim that he was with his grandfather when in fact he was in hotel rooms. The other couple, India Reynolds and Ovie Soko, hit the headlines when a cheating scandal hit their home. It is believed that they are on the verge of separation.

And unlike the others Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane called it quits when they realised they have failed to win the support of the public. Jourdan sparked rumours that Danny had been unfaithful with a cryptic Instagram caption.

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