Experts Share Tips To Increase YouTube Vlog Quality

Since the popularity of YouTube, almost anyone can appear on big screens. Vlogging makes not only known celebrities famous, but also, a typical ordinary person can be famous via posting videos on YouTube.

Currently, more people are watching videos posted on YouTube than on any cable or TV network. With this, any person enjoying appearing behind the camera to tell a story can use YouTube as a platform to post their videos. A reliable channel or platform that can fuel your aspirations to be the next YouTube sensation.

Becoming a successful vlogger seems difficult, but with the few tips on how to improve your YouTube vlog quality will help you achieve your goal as the next YouTube sensation.

1. Be Exciting

In other words, do not be boring. If you check most of the vlogs posted on YouTube, you will see long and boring videos with little effort put into thinking of the content or creating style. One main point to keep your vlog exciting is to cut all the dead air in your shots. So that one-minute monologue sitting in your car can create some movement in your shots.

You can also break up footages with text.

You can add music to your shots.

We all know that YouTube prefers to watch time than views, but it does not mean to upload unedited vlog for 20 minutes every day. An 8-10 minutes edited vlog is more likely to entice viewers and subscribers to your channel.

2. Be a Story-teller

A story to begin has a beginning, middle, and end. Try telling a story to your viewers with that pattern. It doesn’t have to like that exactly. Try to introduce a theme or idea at the beginning of your video and end it with a resolution that will encourage viewers to go back to your channel and watch more videos.

The story, as well as your vlog, must have a structure. It must be well-thought-of for example; your vlog is about an event in your place you should provide your expectations, how to get there, who will be attending, etc.

3. Be Shot-friendly with your angles

Record your shots using your camera differently from different angles. Get some shots of yourself while walking, gazing into space, jumping, or anything that will make it more exciting to watch. You can try the simple in-built effects of your smartphone or camera that will make your shots different and exciting.

4. Provide a Good Audio Quality

People can watch a boring movie but cannot stand lousy audio from a video. So basically, the sound is more important than video when doing a vlog. If people cannot understand what you are saying because of rumble noises or static noises from your video, they will not watch your video at all.

There are a lot of options for microphones depending on its usage and your preference. Check the list of best microphones for your YouTube videos.

5. Be Active at a Daily Basis with your Vlog

By posting your vlog daily, you can see that your vlog improve eventually and will increase your subscribers. You will have a discipline that might develop your voice as a storyteller, your script for your content, and you will then be a successful vlogger.

I hope that these tips will help you improve your  YouTube vlog in terms of video quality by having more subscribers watching your vlog daily. 

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