Dubai based company raises 10 million dollars for global expansion

App development and SEO service-based company, is in for a major change in the next coming months as the company has raised more than 10 million dollars through angel investors. The company which started out in UAE, working for primarily Indian markets, has seen major success in the last few years and has been indicating plans of global expansion since last December.

The planned expansion was kept under wraps for the past few months, presumably due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, but on 18 June 2020 the company released information about it alongside their latest developments. The completely online service-based company, specialising in app and SEO services, has been working for the global markets for more than 5 years and has been actively changing businesses outlook on Apps and SEO as integral parts of running a successful business. This ongoing pandemic has brought physical existence of businesses into question and a huge growth in online businesses, alongside a shift of a lot of business activities from a physical space to a completely online one. helps these businesses to connect better and become more visible in the digital realm amongst this crowding internet space. The company has more than one thousand Indian talented professionals who have worked with international companies and plan to raise their crew to 3,000 by the end of this year to take care of this 10-million-dollar expansion. Information on international recruitment has not been released from the company as of now.

Most of the physical businesses do not have their existence on the digital platform and are the ones who are urging to get into this trend. The problem arises when the existence is unknown even after building a website, that’s where the SEO part comes into picture. Although many businesses have their own websites nowadays, they are not aware of how SEO works and how they can improve their website in order to improve their search ranking.

Company has constantly helped the businesses to get the increased quality traffic through extremely successful strategies, get businesses’ website to the top search results of the search engine. It has team with the extremely talented software professionals who are well experienced and are working on making innovative apps to solve the business problems. A dedicated SEO team consisting of business development consultants are working with the dedicated clients to optimize the websites.

Company has almost 2000+ of successful clients who are now planning to expand their business with the support and strategies planned.

The company is yet to reveal the blueprint of their global expansion.

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