Common Myths Concerning Services Offered By Home Warranty Providers

You deserve the finest return on investment (ROI) possible for your hard-earned cash. It’s natural to question why in the light of all the negative press about home warranties anyone would pay for one. Is it because you are afraid to lose money, or because a minority of poor experience has skewed popular opinion on home warranty? While it’s possible to make the case that the assertions above are correct, it does not make them so. 

This is due to the fact that home warranty businesses have never been able to adequately explain themselves to the general public. As such, we would like to provide brief education on the common misunderstandings about home warranty service and the reality behind them. 

The reason you should clear your misconceptions about the myths that grip home warranty businesses is for the sake of your financial betterment. Repairs and replacements when done without any warranty or coverage can cost an arm and a leg, and it’s unfair that as a homeowner, you are expected to spend a fortune on such issues. Therefore, it is best if you spend a good part of your time selecting a decent home warranty company to stay safe from scams and get full value for your money. 

Elite Home Warranty; Our Top Choice 

Elite Home Warranty is one of the most trusted coverage providers for your household items such as appliances and systems that would cost a lot if they had to be repaired or replaced without a warranty in place. To gain the faith and trust of their consumer, they offer a 30-day trial with $100 dollar off and first month services free of cost. They are certified by the Better Business Bureau, the platform that reviews businesses without any bias and lets people know about the thriving business in any sector. The accreditation from BBB is what makes Elite Home Warranty even more qualitative and worthy service when compared to others. 

They are the best-rated home warranty companies in the United States. Their starting price is $49.99/month which is quite an affordable amount for a home warranty. They provide coverage for various items in your house such as cooling and heating systems, electrical, plumbing, pool, spa and much more. Home warranty from Elite Home Warranty can help people save up to $1800 on repairs and replacements. 

Now, here are some of the most widespread falsehoods concerning home warranties:

Myth#1 Home Warranty And Home Insurance Serve The Same Purpose

Most criticisms leveled about home warranties are leveled by dissatisfied consumers who wrongly believe that home warranty is the same thing as homeowner’s insurance. There is a vast difference between the properties of the two terms. One serves for the protection of bigger issues and the other one for small issues such as appliances and system’s repairs and replacements. When you have a home warranty, you will have a one-time cost, that too a low one, and not worry about repairs expenses for a certain length of time. 

Even if a home warranty doesn’t cover the cost of buying a new $4000 HVAC system, it will at least cover the cost of sending a professional and repairing it. Further, house insurance services are often designed with the worst-case scenario in mind. 

Myth#2 Every Home Warranty Provider Is A Possible Scam

Consumers’ dissatisfaction with certain home warranty providers has put this industry under the spotlight recently. Companies like this usually take customers’ money and then fail to deliver when it comes time to really do anything for those customers. After taking advantage of their victims, they close up shop and vanish into thin air.

However, you should not take any of these businesses to represent the industry as a whole. Companies that provide home warranties have been assisting people with appliance repairs for many years. It is important for customers to take the time to investigate their home warranty alternatives, just as they would with any other major purchase. One of the main reasons why consumers fall prey to phony home warranty firms is because they make rash choices without thinking them through.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which service is ideal for you, this article may help. For an estimate of how much time and money you may spend over the next quarter century fixing things around the house, try out our recommended home warranty provider – Elite Home Warranty. 

Myth#3 Only Brand-New Appliances Are Covered By Home Warranties

Warranties for both appliances and homes are often sold together. Home warranty providers, however, also provide maintenance and emergency repair for the equipment you currently have in your home. This simplifies matters, since a home warranty may be obtained without the purchase of a new item.

There’s also the fact that the amount of damage and maintenance required to restore an item that’s become older and worn out naturally increases the expense to mend it. Inasmuch as it is tougher to track down replacement components, the cost of repairs rises steadily over time. This is because it becomes more difficult to locate older tools after their manufacturing has been discontinued by the manufacturer in favor of newer versions; contractors may charge you a lot since they may have to purchase expensive replacement components from another state or another location only to repair your broken appliance. Purchasing a home warranty is a more straightforward option.

With one annual premium payment, you may save the hassle and cost of fixing broken appliances. However,you should exercise caution since most businesses have a plethora of fine print when it comes to making repairs or providing refunds. If your refrigerator breaks down, for instance, you may lose a lot of food. If you want to discover how much money may be borrowed or refunded due to spoiled food, you’ll have to go through the appropriate paperwork for your service.

Myth#4 The Vast Majority of Home Warranties Are Rookie Attempts at Profitability

Companies providing home warranties have been around for quite some time; the oldest one we could find dates back 46 years. For decades, these businesses have met the needs of their customers, extending the lifespan of houses throughout the nation. However, there have been instances when home warranty providers have seemed sloppy and unprepared. 

These businesses have developed their skills and are proficient at fixing problems and restoring your equipment to working order. Elite Home Warranty is one of the best home warranty company that deserve recognition for its stellar reputation and widespread acclaim. You needn’t search any further than Elite Home Warranty, a BBB-accredited home warranty provider, to ensure the safety of your property and appliances.

Elite Home Warranty is a newcomer but in this short time, it has gained extensive expertise in the market. This is shown, for instance, by the fact that it is accessible throughout the country and has formed various partnerships with regular businesses.

Another helpful hint is to disregard the age of a home warranty service. If they’re trying to make a name for themselves, a new firm could work harder to provide you with a better experience than an established one. Instead, you may learn more about the historical performance of these firms and how the public views them by doing research. With such information at hand, you’d be able to make a more informed choice about who to hire and which service to use. To make things simpler, you can go to Elite Home Warranty official website to get more details about their services.

Myth#5 Home Warranties And Homeowners Insurances Are The Same Thing

Equivalent to home insurance, a home warranty protects against unexpected repairs. It’s a frequent fallacy that home warranties are identical to the homeowner’s insurance that’s required when purchasing a new house. Both home warranties and homeowner’s insurance are quite different (as mentioned earlier). 

However, a home warranty provides ongoing care in the event that any of your home’s appliances malfunction. You are able to make a claim on it right away if there is a problem with any of the household appliances that you own (provided they are covered by your home warranty of course). If an appliance or equipment in your house breaks down, your home warranty company will call a local service provider and have someone come out to fix it or replace it, if necessary.

To put it simply, a home warranty covers your appliances all year long whereas homeowners insurance often only covers damage caused by things like theft, fire, and natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.                              

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