Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist & Entrepreneur Dr Shuba Dharmana talks about her professional journey

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” Though purists will disagree with this school of thought, realists tend to look the other way, choosing to accept factors like age, lines, wrinkles and hair loss as part and parcel of living and finding ways instead to combat these cosmetic factors that play such a huge, pivotal role in the life of every person.

Dr Shuba Dharmana is a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon and laser specialist from Bengaluru. She is also the Founder of LeJeune Medspa, that was started with the goal of providing the latest high standard revolutionary treatments in anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation methods.

Celebrity dermatologist & Entrepreneur Dr Shuba graduated from the Andhra Medical College after which she left for the UK to pursue further studies in General Medicine and Dermatology. During this journey she entered the world of cosmetic medicine and gained interest in anti-ageing facial treatments such as Botox, Fillers, peels and lasers. Her background in the fashion world during college days makes her understand beauty and facial contours like no one else.

Dr Shuba has an aesthetic understanding of the face and a keen eye for beauty. Not only did she train under various specialists in the UK but she also worked for several years as an Aesthetic and a weight loss consultant for UK’s national slimming & cosmetic centres. She ran her own clinic in the UK and even underwent Hair Transplantation surgery training in Poland.

When she came to India in 2012, she decided to enhance the skin care services offered here. Dr Shuba treats only after a detailed analysis of patient’s skin texture and designs programmes that ensure youthful, glowing and healthier looking skin. Her treatments have always been about evidence based medicine and she prides herself in offering only the best treatments using science and cutting edge technology. She quickly made her mark in the market with what she brought in and soon, she had a lot of South Indian film stars consult her for skin treatment. They’ve been extremely happy with the results and ever since, continuing their patronage.

Dr Shuba says, “I am more keen now to reach out of that fraternity and help everyone through the skills and knowledge I have gained”.  Ideal facial proportions, interplay of shadows and light on a face intrigued her so much, she has developed her own way of lifting a face which she uses quite often on her celebrity clients called ‘Dr Shuba’s V3 lift’. She has also introduced many unique treatments based on her training experiences during her travels abroad. This has led her to innovate treatments such as ‘Bollywood Micro Lift’, a lifting and hydrating treatment, venom facials that use synthetic snake venom serum, ‘LeJeune Signature Gold Infusion’ and others.  

Dr Shuba has introduced Luxe club membership that include 13 specially curated medi-facials to benefit every type of skin and also publishes LeJeune Lifestyle annual magazine that features the best of lifestyle products, services and skin treatments. Dr Shuba was first to introduce many treatments in India such as muscle stimulation technology for inch loss and Ultherapy, a non-surgical facelift treatment. She is also working on scaling up her business by franchising LeJeune clinics across India.

Dr Shuba is an avid fitness enthusiast and is observed working out in her free time. She has run serveral half marathons and is a fitness motivator. She has a keen interest in wellness and nutrition because of her background in general practice and her experience in the UK. She is looking forward to spread the fitness mantra to as many and wants to educate people on how to eat healthy and live clean.

LeJeune Wellness is also a venture of hers with actress Lakshmi Manchu, through which she has launched ‘Fitness Master’ a muscle stimulation technology for detox and inch-loss. Also, Dr Shuba is the ambassador for the ‘Bangalore Chapter’ of ‘Teach for Change’ an NGO that supports government schools in education and leadership skills. She helps with fundraising activities every year for the NGO.

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