CBD: An Emerging Defence Against Stress and Disease

We have entered a new era of anxiety. At no time since World War II has society been so on edge, so driven by fear.

Each morning people are waking up to another day in which our physical well-being is at risk.

The new reality has consumers searching for new compounds and supplements that can provide protection for our minds and our bodies.

Enter Dan Bilzerian’s IGNITE INTERNATIONAL, the first premium Cannabis company with a global reach. Ignite pairs state-of-the-art grow facilities with pharmaceutical lab extraction techniques, to bring us the finest Cannabis and CBD on the market.

And, at this moment in time, it is CBD – the non-psychoactive component of cannabis – that is poised to take on several crucial roles in the fight against disease.

The first is the alleviation of anxiety: In recent years medical researchers have demonstrated that CBD has a salutary effect on the brain. Doctors from all over the country have prescribed it for seizure disorders like epilepsy, to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. Now there is anecdotal evidence that CBD can reduce generalized anxiety.

The second is that CBD can be used as a “helper-compound” in the fight against bacterial infections: In a recent study study, Danish scientists used CBD to enhance the effect of the antibiotic bacitracin against resistant strains of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a major human pathogen that frequently causes community and hospital-acquired disease. According to the researchers, when they treated Staph with the combination of CBD and antibiotics, the bacteria could no longer divide normally and the bacterial membrane became unstable. The hope is that with the help of CBD, bacterial resistance can be slowed and even stopped.

At IGNITE, ordering CBD has been made simple. A wide range of CBD products are available to online, including oil drops, gummies, topicals and vapes. in two days a package can be waiting on the doorstep.  As a bonus, all orders over $40 ship for free.

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