Best Tips To Pack The Jewelry When Moving!!!

Transporting your entire home is one of the most difficult jobs that most people have to perform in their lives at a certain phase of life. When it comes to packing the entire home, jewel packing becomes one of the most difficult things to do. Highly reputed state to state movers associated with Pricing Van Lines explains that packing jewel items is difficult because, at any cost, you want to transport these safely to your destination. 

Because of its higher cost, there is risk of theft of these items. In all the chaos of the moving process, such as loading, unloading, packing of the entire items, it becomes very difficult to take care of the expensive jewel items. But no one can’t afford to lose it therefore, make sure you pay full attention to it while moving. 

If you want to transport these jewel items safely without loss, damage or breakage, you have to pack these items carefully. Check out these packing tips

Different ways you can choose: 

  • Shipment via registered mail: You can ship the items before the actual moving day to your new address to save them from the hassle of the moving day. 
  • Keep it safe at a local jeweler: If there is a trusted local jeweler in your home then during the moving process, you can keep your valuable and expensive items safe at him with ease. This is an ideal option when it is a local move. 
  • Move with yourself: Don’t pack the expensive jewelry items into the boxes of the movers and keep these items along with you. If it is a local move then the best thing you can do is to keep the jewel items safe in a locker of the bank. 
  • Wear the most expensive jewel: During the move, you can wear the most expensive jewel. This is suitable when you possess a lesser number of jewel items. 

You can choose any way to keep your items safe and secure.

Packing of different items: 


Usually, all people keep their valuable jewelry items stored in drawers securely. If you are also one of those people then there is no need to spend time packing these again. You can take the drawers as it is to the destination. All you have to do is just secure the drawers with the help of the scratch tapes. This is the best way to ship your expensive items without any hard work. This also makes the organization of these items easier when you reach your new home. 

  • Keep these separate from all the other belongings of the entire home so that they do not get lost during the chaos of the moving process. 
  • You should pack different jewel items into different boxes such as earrings, bracelets, and so on so that these do not get tangled in between.
  • Make sure you account for all your items after finish packing. To do so, you can take a picture of the items before shipment or before keeping them safe into somewhere else like in lockers. This eliminates the risk of loss as you will be sure about what you had shipped.  

Procedure to pack

  • For transporting small and different shape of items, using small boxes with the compartments is an ideal option. This helps in keeping the entire items separate from one another eliminating the problem of tangling with one another.
  • Most people have pill cases present at their homes. For the small items, such as rings and earring, using earrings is great. Just add these items into pill cases and add padding to the left over spaces so that nothing could move during shipment.
  • If items do not get space to move during shipment then it reduces the risk of damage during shipment. You can also use your unique creative ways to ship items like you can hook earrings at the buttons and holes so that these can be shipped with ease and with complete security.
  • One can also use jewelry box to pack the valuable jewelry as it is specially designed to protect the pieces of jewelry. These boxes are strong-built and are cushioned by the best layer of padding.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Jewelry is the most expensive item present at your home which requires your attention always, whether you are moving to a different country or state. It might be your primary concern that how you will ship these to your new home. In this, you can’t be dependent on anyone else even when you have hired full-service movers on expensive and valuable items. This is a do-it-yourself job and you have to do it with complete attention so that you don’t need to face a big loss in the future. Packing, organization, storage, no matter what does it requires, you have to do by yourself. To make it easier for you, use the above tips. 

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