This 27 Year Old is on a Mission to Visit Every Country in the World

You may have heard of different people competing for the world record of who can visit every country in the world the “fastest” or as the “youngest person.” Despite this, there is a growing group of individuals looking to travel the world and truly experience each country they are in.

With a growing following of over 77,000, Chloe Jade (@chlooooejade on Instagram), has been to 70 countries, but is looking to take her time as she explores the world. We asked her a few questions.

“Why do you want to visit every country in the world?”

Chloe Jade: “The world is such a beautiful and incredible place. After traveling to Thailand in 2015 for a three-week trip, I ended up living there for about six months. This gave me the travel bug. Once 2016 happened I ended up leaving for three-month trip, and it turned into 2 years. Now I am just addicted to meeting new people who are different from me, seeing unique things, and learning about the world.”

“How long do you think it will take for you to get to every country in the world?”

Chloe Jade: “Right now I am 27, I hope to go to every country in the world by the time I am 35. Originally I had hoped for this by the age of 30, but COVID had me lose a year and a half of travel time!”

“How do you make money to travel?”

Chloe Jade: “I do a few things to make money to support my travels. I own an SEO agency which means I write and help to drive traffic to the web pages of different businesses. I also work in real estate and investments. In order to travel though, I offer content creation through my Instagram page, but also blog writing and content creation booked through my website.

“Are you ever afraid to travel to other countries?”

Chloe Jade: “Although there are things to be afraid of in the world I am not afraid to travel. I feel like I have never been met with anything but kindness and incredible hospitality.”

“Do you feel different traveling as a woman?”

Chloe Jade: “I think I have actually felt safer as a woman. Not only do I have the ability to disguise myself or blend in a bit more easily, but I feel that people are always trying to help me when I travel. It also is very empowering for women in other countries to see a solo woman traveling alone. It gives some people hope that they can pursue their dreams if they set their mind to it, which is not an idea that is given to women around the world.”

“What would you say to others who have the same goal as you?”

Chloe Jade: “There is a huge community of people who are looking to accomplish this goal. If you want to visit every country in the world it is definitely possible. You just need to realize that they are so many more good people than bad, but bad people do exist, and bad things do happen. Stay vigilant, ask for help when you need it, and don’t rush the journey.”

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