An interview with Ria Serebryakova

Ria Serebryakova has proven her worth since she hit the modelling scene a few years ago. Besides her well-proportioned body and height, which ensure that she is in high demand for the catwalk shows in Europe and New York, her face is a canvas of amazing versatility, making her a popular choice for photo-shoots and advertising campaigns.

With the holidays now behind us, we met with Ria to catch up with the latest modeling business news, fashion and what the year has in store for her workwise.

Ria, we have just come out of the holiday season. I am amazed to see that unlike me, you don’t seem to have picked up any weight. Do you always watch your diet?

First, let me wish you and your readers everything of the best for 2020.

I honestly can’t say that I have ever needed to diet in my life but have always thought that my lifestyle helps me to stay in shape. Just before the holiday season, the life of a model can be pretty crazy with so much demand on our time. I think that even though I consciously make an effort to keep healthy snacks and powers shakes on hand, I often feel depleted and hungry by the time the holidays get here. I enjoyed every plate of food and desert that was so lovingly prepared and put before me this season!!

How did you spend the holidays?

These holidays were spent with family and friends. We ate, laughed, played games, exchanged lots of gifts and took long walks.

Are you able to share some details on the 2084 with us?

Yes indeed I can. I made “The 2084” for people to imagine what we could face as a species in our near future. “The 2084”, inspired by George Orwell’s prophetic book 1984, is trying to open the eyes of many to the multifaceted problem of plastic pollution. We had an exhibition on December 10th  at the Van Der Plas Gallery in New York. A lot of people came to see it!

Interesting and do you have a developed view of the 2084?

Well – having taken a birds-eye view of the situation, I realize that there are pros and cons to everything in the world, even plastic. Right now, it is hard to completely dismiss plastic because it also has many uses in our daily lives. So, I really think it is a matter of education so that people worldwide can appreciate the challenges – which will create a more agreeable environment for finding solutions.

You probably have a busy work year planned. What are your most immediate modeling assignments?

Yes, according to my agency, I have a full calendar for the months ahead, but I will be checking in on Monday for all the details. I have most of my jobs and clients in New York, and since the new season is coming, there will be a lot of new collections which needed to be shot. I am very excited to start working again and to see what the coming Fall/Winter collections look like.

Which collections are you looking forward to seeing?

Don’t imagine that I actually have much time to attend any of the shows, like most people I actually get to see the clothes on TV or in magazines. Even if I am walking for one of the designers, we often hardly have any time to see what the girl next to us is wearing. Starting from before the show, our workload is immense and there is a frenetic burst of activity, even as we practice our show. So, you can imagine what happens on the day of the show. Bear in mind that the designers are perfectionists and they plan every aspect of the clothes and show to the finest detail.

I haven’t answered your question; I am looking forward to seeing the collections of Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab, Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana from the older fashion houses. However, I do watch a lot of the younger designers and admire their work immensely.

What would you call your dress style?

Even though I love to model and to shop for clothes, I usually am quite boring in my day-to-day- life, preferring neutral colors, comfy tops and pants and baggy jackets. I have been experimenting with monochromatic look for a while now. Dressing up for an evening out will depend on the occasion. I love to wear gorgeous outfits and brighter colors, even though I often rely on my favorite little black dress.

Which are your favorite monochromatic looks?

Many. White, beige and grey are my favorite, but I recently put an olive green look together that looked stunning and surprisingly, it suited me; I always felt that blue was a better color for me.

Finally, do you enjoy buying and wearing make up as much as clothes, and which is your favorite item?

I wear so much make-up on the shoots that I tend to keep things simple when I’m not working. My one and only obsession in the make-up world is lipstick. I can’t resist buying different ones, not necessarily bright colored but even slightly different shades or texture. I like to mix different ones, so I always have a few of them with me.

Thank you for your time Ria, we look forward to catching up with you again soon.

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