Aether Insurance CEO, Adam Enamorado’s 3 Pillars to Becoming a Successful Leader

Nothing builds a better and stronger persona than confidence, gentleness, and generosity. Business leaders need to be able to show confidence to help every follower believe in their teams’ goals. Leaders also should be gentle, because they must respect the dignity of people who work with them. Finally, generosity is a quality all business owners should possess. Being a generous leader makes everyone feel great about themselves and their accomplishments.

Adam Enamorado, CEO of Aether Insurance, deeply describes the spiritual and ethical importance of creating strong fundamental values using 3 pillars he solemnly believes will make you a better leader and human being.

A leader’s confidence is imperative for those who follow their direction. A lack of confidence will instill doubt, suspicion and insecurity within the group. A certain amount of confidence however can inspire conviction and inspiration. 

For a leader to develop confidence they must first understand how others see them, where their confidence is coming from and the ways in which it is perceived by those who follow that leader. One of the most important ways a leader can build confidence within themselves is to develop a firm grasp of the dynamics of confidence and how it works in their own experience.  Many leaders find confidence through the momentum they’ve built and confidence in knowing their group’s collective power (like an army marching toward victory).

A gentle leader is very patient and empathetic to their staff. They make time for open communication, which helps the follower feel safe enough to express themselves with the leader, even if they are a little unsure or scared. A gentle leader will also be considerate when giving criticism because they understand that not everyone knows how to do things equally as well as themselves.

Patience is one of the most important qualities a gentle leader should possess. When an entrepreneur has patience, it inspires those around them to continue working hard. They know that their boss will wait for them to finish in order to enable all to enjoy success together as a team. Business leaders need to have self-control, so they do not appear impatient, even if they are feeling that way.

The generosity pillar may be one of the most important factors in being a successful business owner and leader. Generosity as a trait requires an entrepreneur to be generous with money, advice, praise, time, etc. In addition, generosity helps when entrepreneurs are transparent, so everyone feels comfortable around them and knows what their boundaries should be. Lastly, generosity can help people become more altruistic which ultimately can aid in achieving self-fulfillment.

A generous leader offers to help everyone on their team, because it is important to them that all their employees can succeed. They want their staff to feel like they can come to them with any questions even if it has nothing to do with work. A generous leader also makes sure they complement people every day, so everyone feels that they are heard and their contributions to work are appreciated.

Lastly, leaders need to have empathy, it will influence their followers to feel loved and respected by their boss. People want a leader that cares about them as an individual, rather than just part of a team or workforce.

You don’t need to become a saint to be an effective business leader; you just need virtues similar but less demanding than those demanded by saints.

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