Zar Baby is giving fresh hits as Rapper – Tik Tok and now Racetrack

Most Rap artists only release wonder albums once or twice, or perhaps never, but Destiny is not most artists. The Rapper has decided to either unveiling full collections with no sign or showing he has a project coming a short time before it runs. The approach has proved to be a useful one for the star, as he rarely misses the top spot in fans heart Zar Baby whenever he creates a brand new title, advertising or no.

Zar Baby is a new star born in the music world; he is able to beat Rap Music in recent times. Zar Baby is moving at a rapid rate in the music world. His melodious tune ‘Tik Tok’ did a fabulous job on many platforms and now is he all set with his new groovy track ‘Racetrack.’

His fabulous performance in the song gave him a solid start, and in one week time, it has been played in 4000 streams, which means back to back hits on music charts. First ‘Tik Tok’ and now ‘Racetrack’ surely he is going to go long.

The Racetrack is a fantastic song, and genres will love this song. The good thing about Zar Baby is not like other musicians who produce a song and don’t give extra effort to reach more people worldwide. He uses social media and other platforms with Spotify playlists. He is an advanced Rapper who knows how to reach more audiences by various platforms.

Racetrack song is the story of his own. Yes, this song tells a lot about Zar Baby how he crossed all life hurdles. He has seen many fake people around him and heartbroken relationships, but he came out of everything at a young age as an influential rapper and showed his skills through these songs.

It is rightly said when you are focused in your life and ready to go then no hurdles can stop you achieving big in life. Zar Baby is still young and new, but he has that spark in him, which will make him the next big thing in the Rappers world. Follow Zar Baby on Instagram @Zarbaby_.

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