Zar Baby: 20 Year’s Old Star Dropping a Brand New Single “Tik Tok”

Music is the medicine of the mind.In the present pandemic when everyone is stressed , music is playing a very important role in releasing stress. A good song can change the mood of everyone . Zar Baby is ready with his new single “Tik Tok” to spread happiness among everyone .

Zar Baby  is a rising artist from Atlanta , George. The 20 years old artist is planning to drop a brand new single “Tik Tok”  as soon as possible . According to Baby, “Tik Tok” is a very good vibe song , spreading happiness among the audience in this stressful time.

Zar Baby is planning to utilize this lockdown period to work more on his music and to make everyone aware about himself through his hard work . Zar Baby is blessed with a very good voice and his appeal towards Hip/Pop is undeniable. Zar Baby as an artist want’s  to explore every  genre of music  and drop good music. 

 Zar Baby is very confident about his single “Tik Tok” . According to Zar Baby , “ Tik Tok is my baby and I have created it with my full heart . Big Cash is looking after the production of Tik Tok and I can assure you we are giving our best to make this a global hit. We are focused are  on getting right audience to listen “Tik Tok” as it has a potential to become a global hit”.

Zar Baby’s next project after “Tik Tok” is an album titled “Global Kid” and will come around July.

Zar Baby is  making a name for himself among the youth. Zar Baby’s spotify is gaining attention of a lot of youngsters. From 10 followers to 600 followers in a span of few week shows the potential of the young star.    

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