Zain “Hollywood” Muhammad – The number one college recruit in the class of 2031

Football is considered a game for adults due to the series and the number of risks involved. But when talking about injuries, they are part of almost every sport. It just depends on the level of professionalism of each player. In the world of football, plenty of names have swum with the sharks and made their way to the top. Names like Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes. They’re all legends and football veterans and have had a lustrous career. But among the big names, one name that has been making rounds in the world of football is Zain “Hollywood” Muhammad. The ten-year-old phenom wears a pair of custom shoes with his custom logo and even his own nickname.  

His passion for football is evident in his game which he models after Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson. This caught the eyes of the press, and he was even dubbed “Lamar Jackson 2.0.” at his first appearance on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. 

The Texas-born Zain “Hollywood” is only ten years old, and his ability was first spotted by his  Wali Muhammad when he would throw stuff around at his home. He is ruthless in the field, and his footwork and his game have garnered considerable attention. He is active on Instagram, where he has 56k followers. He is a 27-time flag football champion in three different divisions. 

With a  future so bright and undeniable talent Hollywood is predicted by many in the American media as the future number one player in NFL by 2030. In fact, in October 2022, former quarterback Peyton Manning analyzed Zain’s skills and approved his athletism in one go. But behind his success, the support from his father cannot be overshadowed. Hollywood, with his father, has traveled across the United States to compete in flag football and quarterback camps. 

When he was six years old, he started playing flag football for the Cedar Park Bulldogs organization and several other leagues in the city. He was named MVP for both the regular season and the playoffs. After going unbeaten, he also won the same prizes in 2021, his first season playing contact football. For his achievements in basketball and football, Zain has won several trophies and accolades. 

Zain Hollywood, the emerging celebrity, is undoubtedly on the rise due to his vast charisma, talent, and a large backing. At age 10, Hollywood has already been published in several high-profile news outlets, received significant support from some of the NFL’s most notable figures, and garnered a slew of sponsors. 

Zain Hollywood, an outspoken advocate for social equality, has pledged to dedicate all of his future American football games to the revolutionary social reforms he expects to see by the time he is old enough to play in the NFL. 

Along with his father, he donates to charity daily, donating many hours and giving back to his area and community. Zain buys food for the local homeless community on a regular basis. He funds people who cannot afford to join an American football team by offering free one-on-one coaching sessions.

Zain’s experience in the football field has gotten him a lot of attention, as well as a lot of involvement and contact from current NFL Superstars Mohammed Sanu, Antonio Brown, and former NFL quarterback Vince Young. 

He’s been invited to practice with former NFL great Roc Carmichael, and former Superbowl winner and NFL analyst James Jones have personally attended one of his football games as a fan.

With plenty of success awaiting in the future and continuous recognition, Zain’s world was struck with an immense tragedy that led him to believe in living a healthy lifestyle. His Cousin and grandfather passed away from cancer, and it was the moment when he decided to enhance his already healthy lifestyle further while urging his followers on social media to follow it. 

Zain has received thorough training to maintain composure under duress and make snap decisions. In addition, Zain knows when to exert more effort than anyone else. Even when the odds are stacked against him, he has the will and ambition never to give up. Zain believes in the fact that to be the best athlete possible, a combination of physical and mental qualities is essential. 

To conclude, taking Zain and his ongoing success under discussion, you’re never too old or too young to chase your dreams. Zain is only ten as of 2022, but his rise to the top so far is undeniable, and as expected by the American Media, he has all the potential to be the number one NFL player. 

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