Your Morning Cup of Coffee Could Support Underfunded First Responder Programs

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America. In fact, a whopping 66% of Americans say they drink coffee every day, according to the National Coffee Association. 

However, what’s even more interesting is that most coffee drinkers prefer specialty and gourmet coffee. Central Florida-based company First Responder’s Coffee Company (FRCC) hopes to encourage coffee drinkers to give back to the community by drinking their specialty coffee.

FRCC’s origins can be traced back to founder Brent Tucker’s post-military career of training law enforcement. Tucker noticed in his time consulting and training that many first responders programs do not have the funding they need to get the necessary training and equipment. 

“All too often, I noticed that police officers, firefighters, and EMTs were having to purchase their own equipment,” Tucker explains. “I knew someone had to do something about this — and soon.”

Gourmet coffee that supports first responders

Thus, First Responder’s Coffee Company was born. The proceeds through FRCC’s merch and signature line of coffee — sold through the company’s online store — go directly to supporting first responder organizations in the Central Florida area (where the company is based) and beyond. In the few months since the company’s formation, sales have already begun to grow significantly, thanks in no small part to community interest and media coverage of the company’s great mission.

Tucker says the company’s mission to support first responders is critical because of the role these individuals play in the safety of their communities. “When you have a fire, you call the fire department; when you have a medical emergency, you call EMS,” says Tucker. “But with how underfunded these programs are today, they often aren’t able to provide the support they need or want to. We hope our company can help these organizations reach their fundraising goals and help them provide better support to their communities.”

Still, it isn’t just the cause of FRCC that is great — their product is also of superior quality. In their signature coffee line, First Responder’s Coffee Company uses 100% organic gourmet Brazilian Arabica beans, roasted in small batches by a master roaster, and comes in three different roasts: light, medium, and dark. The final product has a smooth-bodied and slightly sweet taste and is low in acidity, with hints of chocolate and caramel and subtle, nutty notes.

FRCC’s coffee comes in five different bags, each designed to support a different branch of first responders: police, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, EMS, and K9 units. Each bag contains the same great blend of gourmet Arabica coffee, meaning consumers can choose whichever bag they want based on which first responders organization they wish to support. 

Partnering with local first responders’ organizations to raise funds

Tucker and his team have prided themselves on developing their First Responder Association Program. This initiative allows them to partner directly with first responder associations to help them raise money as easily as possible. 

FRCC has eliminated common fundraising obstacles — such as order minimums, product storage, and shipping costs — with an intuitive and customer-friendly system. Partner organizations receive a unique code used by customers at checkout, which allows retail profits from the sale to go directly to the organization.

FRCC also offers extensive fundraising support to organizations that partner with them. Many fundraising initiatives leave all the legwork to the organization, but that isn’t practical when raising funds for first responders. 

“First responder associations are already understaffed and need to focus on their job: keeping our communities safe,” says Tucker. “To help relieve them from the stress of running a fundraising initiative, our marketing team works with organizations to create and distribute marketing materials that communicate the program’s details to potential customers.”  

For coffee drinkers looking to support a great cause with their daily cup of joe, purchasing their gourmet coffee from First Responder’s Coffee Company will allow them to give back while enjoying a wonderfully delicious cup of coffee. “Our team is proud of the work we have already done to support first responders in our community and beyond,” Tucker adds, “and we hope to continue to grow and make an even bigger impact.”

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