Woman Practicing Extreme Yoga Suffered a 80 ft Fall but is Recovering Quickly

A 23 year old woman, Melanio Terrazzas from San Pedro, Mexico fell from her balcony after practicing extreme yoga. She hung herself upside down on the railing. And there is even a picture of her doing so. But unluckily she took a 80 feet fall after pulling off this extreme yoga pose. She fell from the sixth floor of her apartment building and broke 110 bones. Because of the extreme fractures, she underwent 11 hours of surgery.

It has been two months since the accident but she is doing extremely well now. Her recovery is fast, and it’s even surprising the doctors. It is a blessing that her body is responding so well to the treatment.

She herself said – “even the doctors are shocked and they did not believe that my body would react so quickly”. And she is also thankful for all the prayers and best wishes she received.

She recently had a surgery of her elbows. This surgery was to restore the movement of her hands. The surgeries aren’t enough but she also practices daily physical therapies.

Despite the problems and troubles her body is facing, she is sure that she will make a speedy recovery. After the last surgery, that was of her elbows she is able to move her hands. And she exclaimed how happy she was to finally be able to have dinner alone.

After 80 ft fall it is hard to recover but Terrazzas’ body is doing a quick recovery. The fall might be extreme, and there are 110 bones to fix but it isn’t dulling her enthusiasm for yoga.

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