Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Tips and Laws

That iconic image of a motorcycle rider breezing carefree down I-39, wind in the hair, sunglasses on, with the freedom of the road exudes a rebellious, independent spirit.

So you’ve just purchased your spanking new motorbike and are raring to chase the sunsets and rid yourself of Covid isolation. 

It’s always important to understand state laws and some simple safety tips before hitting the open road. The Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers explain some of the Wisconsin laws designed to keep you safe as well as some bike riding safety tips.

Wisconsin Motorcycle Laws

The law is there for your protection.

Some of the most critical laws around motorcycle riding in Wisconsin include the following:

  1. A class M motorcycle license or instructional permit is required for you to ride a bike.
  2. All riders under 18 and riders with learner’s permits are required by law to wear a helmet, including passengers  
  3. Accident liability insurance is required by law, so speak to your insurance broker before going for your first ride.
  4. Your bike must have turn signals, a muffler and at least one rear-view mirror.
  5. You are required to ride with your main headlight on at all times to increase your visibility.
  6. Eye protection through goggles, a helmet shield or visor, a windscreen or glasses must be worn.
  7. No lane splitting is permitted in Wisconsin

Motorbike Safety Tips

The following safety tips will help to ensure you stay safe on the road:

  1. Always wear a full-face motorbike helmet. Always. Your head and brain are highly susceptible to severe injury, and there is no doubt that a quality full-face helmet will reduce or prevent injury in an accident.
  2. Obey the speed limit. Reaction times at speed are severely reduced and can land you in big trouble. If you need speed, join a racing club and enjoy the adrenaline rush on the track.
  3. Never drink and ride. Even small amounts of alcohol severely impair your reaction times.
  4. Wear the correct protective gear when riding – clothes designed to protect you from road rash and strong biker boots with ankle coverage and support will go a long way to protect you.
  5. Maintain your bike regularly and repair any worn parts, including your tyres. Worn tires are hazardous. Remember that you are on two wheels, not four – failure of a tyre or loss of grip is not anything you want to have to contend with. 
  6. Wear protective gloves. Flesh and tarmac are not good friends. Gloves help in this regard. E
  7. Wear protective eyewear. An insect or tiny object which gets into your eye even at moderate speed can cause you to lose control.
  8. Be vigilant of all vehicles around you at all times. Scour the road or any hazard such as potholes and avoid them like the plague.


Whether you intend to rent a motorcycle or ride your own, you should remind yourself of the law and safety requirements before getting onto the bike.

Ride like the wind. 

Enjoy the freedom of the open road. 

Stay Safe. 

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