Who is dentist Umut Şimşek, the smile designer of celebrities in Turkey?

Umut Şimşek makes new treatment and procudures about smile design that is a kind of revolution in dentistry.

When oral and dental health comes to the fore, diseases such as toothache, tooth loss, tooth decay are the first issues that come to mind. However, in addition to all these, aesthetic concerns that affect a person’s smile, self-expression, stance and self-confidence in society are also a very important in reality. Umut Şimşek, who has offered a new face and a new life to many patients with the smile design treatment, with developing technology and increasing alternative methods, continues to create wonders in dentistry.

Who is doctor Umut Şimşek?

Doctor Umut Şimşek has brought many local and foreign patients back to dental health with the treatments at Doctor Umut Şimşek Dental Health Clinic since 2016. He was born in 1982 in the Keşan, Edirne. After moving to Istanbul due to his father’s duty, he spent his childhood in Istanbul’s Bakırköy district. He attended primary and secondary school in Bakırköy Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Primary School. He completed the 1st and 2nd grades of high school at Bakırköy Sabri Çalışkan High School. Since he was the top student in his high school education, he was invited to the private college with a scholarship. Due to his success in private college, he was invited to Private Bahçeşehir College with a scholarship for his senior high school education and completed his high school education at the same college. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2005. In the same year, he started his phd education in the Department of Periodontology (Gum Diseases and Surgery) at Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry. He completed his phd education with the thesis titled “Clinical, Radiographic and Biochemical Evaluation of Fluoride Modified Titanium Endosseous Dental Implants in Periodontally Compromised and Healthy Patients” and It was completed in 2011.

After completing his phd education, he was given the title of “Periodontology Specialist” by the Ministry of Health. Umut Şimşek has worked as a consultant physician in many private oral and dental health clinics in Istanbul. Serving in his own clinic since 2016, Dr. Umut Şimşek has made a miraculous touch to the lives of many patients in the smile design treatment.

The unchanging address of celebrities, Dr. Umut Şimşek is one of the dentists who successfully represent Turkey both in the field of oral and dental health and in health tourism. In their social life, many individuals who have adaptation and self-confidence problems due to their teeth, after crossing paths with Umut Şimşek, they are happy to have the smile of their dreams.

Doctor Şimşek, who says that individuals with shape or deformity apply to her to relieve their aesthetic concerns, emphasizes that smile designed should be supplied by professionals.

Stating that they provide psychological strength and motivation to the person with a beautiful smile, Şimşek uses technology and scientific methods in the most efficient way in every field, determines the most ideal treatment path for his patients, and changes the lives of many patients with personalized smile designs. 

Emphasizing that smile design, which directs aesthetic dentistry today, includes many processes and that it should be studied with a multidisciplinary approach, Doctor Şimşek states that the procedures applied for each patient vary depending on the person.

Umut Şimşek says that the reason why it is the first choice for many people in smile design is due to working with devotion. The successful dentist, who communicates effectively, sincerely and perfectly with his patients in a way that creates sufficient awareness, considers that every patient leaves the clinic with his most sincere smile as his greatest gain.

Doctor Şimşek underlines that smile design has a very important role in eliminating aesthetic concerns while increasing the expression, effectiveness and motivation of the person in social life. Dentist Umut Şimşek, who acts with the vision of getting better every day with the trainings he has received and the operations he has performed, continues to touch the lives of many people in his clinic.

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