What The Tenth Week Of NFL Season Has Taught Us

One thing is definitely for sure, the tenth week of the NFL was full of happenings that one could not ignore. Do we even need to go into it, in detail? Yes, of course we do. With a 98-yard recorded touchdown, the passer call that landed an overall team win, a three-way tie for the first time ever for first place has shown that a week of last minute changes in fate really were a game changer when it comes to securing a firm comfy spot in the division tables. West has got a three-way tie for the very first place.

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More on to what we learnt for week ten’s sporting occurrences, let us start by saying that DeAndre Hopkins really is something. He managed to call the game. This happened as Buffalo managed to score a touchdown, to lead 30-26 in the last minute of the fourth quarter of the game. Arizona only had half a minute to go long and score the winning touchdown. Yet this did not give reason for doubt, as Murray and Cardinals showed to be methodical in their approach and procedure forward. Murray made a pass of 14,9 and 9 again yards, to make a 43-yard opening to touchdown. Thankfully this was all the space that was actually needed to drive the game and give Arizona the win they really deserved through technical application and skilful thought.

Due to the Seattle loss, this gave the opportunity to the cardinals share of lead in the NFC West division.

Ronalds Jones had to prove a point, why? When Tampa Bay set the record for running the ball five times in and losing to New Orleans, Jones’ existence was immediately remembered to help carry back a 46-23 win. This Carolina win was secured via a 192-yard-long run, with 23 carries. It was in the third quarter however, that caused a great need of attention, because Jones managed to take a handoff and slice directly through many defenders on the pitch. This immediately was a 98 yards touchdown. Talk about speed and skill in one time! This made a record of the fourth fastest touchdown in all of NFL sports history.

The facts are, that the 98 yards touchdown was achieved at speeds of 21.9 miles an hour, as released by the NFL Stats database. This alone made a record and phenomenal career moment for Jones, and the best speeds/technical skills reached within this season alone.

Baltimore saw things that didn’t seem to be right during their games. Two of three games for the Ravens were unfortunately lost, making it seem like they didn’t have this explosive power that they normally do-it was a little bit dead and flat. Their loss against New England, saw Baltimore lose 23-17, as they played wet with a push of having to make 115 yards with hope of a score possibility. This did not happen however, Ingram only managed to do 5 yards before he slipped and lost the track and pace he managed to muster up at the beginning. It was a little bit on watery ground for the player, due to the fact he just got back from an ankle injury, so that was a very close call indeed. Their play in the third quarter resulted in just turnovers on downs, yet this performance really has put them in a slump, which we really hope they get out of soon. It is the worst they have had since the Lamar Jackson seasons.

Miami needs to act now for their future. Many did raise an eyebrow or two, over the selection of Tua Tagovailoa instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick as the quarterback. Why? Because Miami were actually doing very well and this year’s playoff momentum. Tagovailoa had actually changed the entire story and people’s minds, by winning the first three starts in his career. The 29-21 allowed a win over Herbert and the LA Chargers. Although Tagovailoa does not have great stats to his name, this experience has very much given him the chance to come closer to making headlines everywhere for the team. His time is now. He needs to eat the cake and enjoy this exposure!

Seattle’s defence cannot be blamed. Their Achilles heel was in constant attack and needed for defence. They suffered great losses to the Rams, we know. Their offence was not very present within the pinnacle time it was needed. In addition to this, Wilson showcased the worst gaming event to happen this season, due to allowing two interceptions during a 248 yards pass. Metcalf only managed 2 out of the 4 catches needed on target, meaning Seattle unfortunately have lost 3 out of four games, to fall in a tie between the Rams and Arizona within the NFC West. The next host of games from the Seahawks, will be the pinnacle for the Cardinals and Seahawks, in securing lead on their current status.

Lastly, we may all agree that Chase Young owes his team an apology, due to the incomplete pass made from the 35-yard line. The late entrance, meant that the rookie actually could not defend correctly on behalf of the team, and ultimately brought a flag and a penalty for the roughing of the passer. Matt Prater was able to secure a 59-yard goal due to this opportune moment, before the time was over. Washington were originally in a 24-3 lead, yet due to the silliest of mistakes, it cost them the ability to tie the game-a big sting to the proud and ego of the team members. Washington really does have a lot to make up for in the progression forward. But everything they have done will be a reason to talk, in the game reviews to come for the season. That must sting quite a lot.

Without a doubt however, the tenth week, really was something of an eventful one. Many team players came to shine in the limelight, with particular focus on the players, Ben Roethlisberger for his pass skills over distance, Ronald Jones for his top running speeds and DeAndre Hopkins for his absolute top-notch capabilities as a top receiver in the games to pass.

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