What Happened When TV Aerial Not Installed Accurately

Sometimes the TV aerial is not working properly because it did not install accurately or there could be fault in the tv aerial setup. So it is compulsory you should purchase the best tv aerial installation for your home, you may explore tvaerialinstaller.co.uk for the quality connection. But the good quality installation is not enough until you don’t fit it accurately. It is very important on this basis. Let’s take a look on what can be wrong in the installation. 

1. TV Aerial Installed on too Height

If you are installing the tv aerial on the large aerial mast then make sure there would be no tree. The brackets should support the mast height. But remember you are avoiding your TV aerial from the trees but make sure don’t take it too high, it may cause the signal problem . This is the big reason most people are facing the tv aerial connection. The good installer like https://tv-aerials-uk.co.uk/ knows very well at what height the tv aerial satellite could work well.

2. Over Tightened of U Bolt

This is also a very common mistake done by the installers. When the installer is securing the tv aerial in the box and over tightens the box with V or U bolts, that may bend the mast or change the shape. This will weaken the signal strength and may fail the connection at some point. During tightening the u bolts make sure you don’t use the wrench or spanner it may over tighten the U bolts easily.

3. Electric Shocks

This is very rare but still a serious problem. When you are installing the tv aerial please make sure there would be no electrical system near it. Otherwise the magnetism between both will cause the electric shock and it can affect the whole electrical system of your house. So make sure the tv aerial connection should be far from the main electric circuit.

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